Join us on December 12, the day of action
Dear Friends,

December has begun! Holiday songs are playing on the radio, festive decorations are coming out from their dusty boxes and the new year is around the corner!

Celebrating Retail and Service Sector Workers
This month we want to celebrate the workers who help us prepare for a wonderful holiday season. They put in long hours, greet us with a smile and help us meet the needs of our loved ones. Join us in wishing them a happy 2016 full of respect at work, predictable hours and schedules!

Outdated Labour Laws Fail Workers
Ontario law provides little protection against erratic schedules. Workers are denied dependable hours that they can plan their lives around, but are expected to be available on a moment's notice. Without fair wages and decent hours, workers juggle two, sometimes three jobs to make ends meet. Many retail workers struggle with the stress of paying the bills and finding childcare.

As the Ministry of Labour continues its review of employment standards, we have a unique opportunity to improve work conditions across Ontario. Together we can win legislation that makes work adequate, secure and predictable.

Join the Action 
  • Share the holiday visual on Facebook and Twitter to show your support.
  • Mark your calendar for Saturday, December 12 to attend a festive action at the Eaton Centre in Toronto featuring holiday caroling, candy canes and more! Come out and sing along for decent work! (more information about other cities will be coming soon)
  • Sign up for the digital volunteer team if you are an active social media user. Email to receive details about next week's online action.

Thank you for your ongoing support for the Fight for $15 & Fairness. For a recap of recent campaign accomplishments, take a look at our latest blog post here.
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