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With the holidays coming up, we have a chance to shine a light on the millions of Santa's helpers who deserve a raise and better working conditions. From farm workers to grocery store workers and from retail workers to custodians, these are the workers who make our festivities possible. There's no better time than now to raise our voices in unison to demand decent work in 2017. 

That's why the Fight for $15 and Fairness is calling on YOU to take the Decent Work Sing-Along Challenge! As you can see from the video above, Ontario's Decent Work and Health Network is first up in offering a healthy dose of $15 and Fairness cheer! And they've dared Health Providers Against Poverty to take the Challenge too. Will you and your squad be next?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!
  • STEP 1: Assemble your Decent Work Sing-Along squad -- or go solo! 
  • STEP 2: Choose a Decent Work song from the $15 & Fairness songbook (we revised the words of a few holidays songs to reflect our demands for decent work) -- or make up your own lyrics! Then choose the person, group or union you are daring to take the Decent Work Sing-Along Challenge.
  • STEP 3: Record your song – and don’t forget to include the person, group or union you’re daring to take the Challenge. (You can record it on your smartphone or use Facebook Live.)
  • STEP 4: Post your video on Facebook or Twitter. Make sure to include the campaign website ( and tag both $15 & Fairness as well as the person, group or union you are challenging.
Whether you sing solo or in a squad, add your voice to the Decent Work Sing-Along Challenge! Let's make sure our message of harmony, unity and solidarity is the one that prevails this holiday season.
We'll circulate the Decent Work Sing-Along videos via email, Facebook and Twitter. 
And of course, we'll showcase them on our website


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