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Skål UK News - November 2012

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News from  your President

Autumn/Winter is here and nearly blowing Jersey all the way over to re-connect with France!!
Martha and I have just returned from an amazing journey in the Far East.  We started in Tokyo where we had to brave a typhoon and then went to S. Korea for the International Congress.  We enjoyed great hospitality from the Korean Clubs and we were joined in Incheon and Seoul by Paul Follows who was elected as the Vice Chairman of the International Council; Alison Partridge the President of the London Club and 2nd National Vice President; Lyn Snelgrove who was representing Brighton, Sussex and the The Channel and Derry Seabrook from the Luton Club.  We made and renewed many useful contacts and Alison and Martha had an opportunity to visit the Garden of Morning Calm with who Alison is hoping to do business in the not too distant future.  On the whole the congress was one of the better ones in recent years.  I attached a picture from the Gala Night.

News from Southampton - thanks Dieter!

We all received a very warm welcome at the Channel View Hotel which is set on the cliff top overlooking the beautiful Shanklin Bay – very spectacular!
As always arrival day is the highlight when we meet up with our old and new Skål pals. 
After a superb dinner we moved into the specious bar area to be entertained by music and dancing.  Outside the weather worsened and a storm blew up the Channel as night settled early. Saturday was an all day coach trip to take us around the Isle of Wight.  There were some of us aboard the coach that had been twice around the world but never been to this island.  We had a really lovely day out that was much enjoyed by all.
Saturday evening was the actual President’s Dinner and Dance.  A glamorous looking group of people gathered in the Ballroom prior to dinner for the the Reception.  Although we were short in numbers (45) we were big in prominent company.  I was hugely honoured to be supported by no fewer than two Membre d’ Honneurs, David Jenkin and John Bright, National President Julian Bernstein who came over from Jersey, Past National President Lyn Snelgrove who travelled from Spain, visiting Presidents Sally Gray from Brighton, Sussex and the Channel , President Joe Hickson from the Oxford Club, President Juliette Babtiste from Guernsey and very importantly the President of our twin Club Bielefeld, Werner Flegel and his lovely wife Karin to whom I am grateful for the special effort to support us with their visit.
President Julian was resplendent in his new Chinese style Dinner Jacket recently purchased on his visit to Beijing.   He certainly looked very good in it!  We had the restaurant to ourselves and room was decorated by Ian and Shirley Winn in blue and white.  We all enjoyed a good dinner followed by the Presentation of the President’s Cup 2012 to Shirley Winn for her hard work in organising the 2010 Skal National and also the Presidential weekends.
(Edited version from Dieter’s newsletter)

Skål in the sand
Martha and I then went on to China where we had a fascinating and eye opening tour for 17 days.  The expansion of Skål in China might help them to bring up their Hospitality Standards!  We were left with a feeling of amazement at the past glories of the Chinese and their future potential.
Back in the UK I have just enjoyed the excellent hospitality of the Southampton Club at their Presidents night on the Isle of Wight.  Thank you to President Dieter and his wife Eileen for acting as my personal chauffeurs!
I will be repacking my bag to travel to Cooden Beach for the Brighton Sussex and The Channel Presidents night on the weekend of the 17th and 18th and I am looking forward to see you then!
Finally, heard on the London Underground recently “Please note that the beeping noise coming from the doors means that the doors are about to close.  It does not mean throw yourself or your bags into the doors!

.....from Oxford too....

Oxford has been on their travels.  Brian and Velma have been supporting events in UK and in Holland and Ian and Karen have been maintaining the Oxford presence around the UK.

President Joe and Cheryl visited Skål International Miami in October which has a membership of over 100.  A special treat was to be remembered by a Past President Bob Burke who had shared a dinner table in Croatia seven years previously – they even had time to watch a baseball game.  They also attended the Southampton President’s Night on the Isle of Wight.  Joe made a lovely comment in his newsletter “our two visits, once again emphasized to us how membership of Skål can enhance our lives”.

Christmas Lunches around Skål UK

Northern Ireland is holding their Lunch on 07 December at the Holiday Inn Belfast
Southampton is holding their Lunch on 09 December at Brook House Country Club Batley
Oxford too is gathering on the 9th at the Old Swan and Mill at Minster Lovell.

London members and guests gather on Thursday 13 December at The Durrant Hotel
Brighton, Sussex and The Channel are holding their Lunch on 15th December at Devonshire Club, Eastbourne
Details from the club secretaries or 

Hot News from London.....

SKÅL London Cocktail at ALOFT Nov 2012
If you were you there, follow the link below
If you were not there, still follow the link below to see what you missed.

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