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Skål UK News March 2013

Thank You!

What a wonderful introduction to being the National President, being a guest at President Alison’s night on Friday (also Comic Relief's Red Nose Day!) at the Grim's Dyke Hotel.  Thank you Alison and the London Club for a very enjoyable event, very generous and a wonderful evening. I was great to catch up with Skålleagues from around the UK as well as London members. Due to business commitments a number of the London colleagues were unable to be present. What a great party they missed!
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my Senior Vice President of Skål International UK, Alison, for representing the UK at the Irish National Congress in Galway the previous weekend. Due to a mystery illness I was unable to attend and Alison stepped in at the last minute. I understand she was met with the true Irish hospitality many thanks to her and Tom O’Dwyer the Irish National President for being so generous and welcoming. I was delighted to receive a beautiful crystal representation of a Galway “Hooker”, which has pride of place on my mantelpiece (a Galway hooker is a very special fishing boat, nothing to do with ladies of leisure!) Alison kindly passed the gift on to me at her Presidents night.
As I mentioned at the dinner times are hard for all clubs at the moment, not just Skål, that does not mean that we should relax and give up but much more we should redouble our efforts to prove the relevance of Skål in this modern age. The importance of face to face, person to person contact teach our youngsters the value of verbal communication linked with networking and friendship. We have the privilege of being members of a great worldwide club we must be proud of our association, proud to “wear our badge” and proud to promote good business ethics and friendship in our business dealings. I  hope that we shall engage with younger members of the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industry, show them the benefits of SKÅL, promote our delight in being members and encourage them to take on the future as members of our international club. UK clubs are having a difficult time in maintaining numbers. There are number of ideas, concepts and suggestions which are being openly discussed to maintain our relevance and future. I hope that at the Assembly in Guernsey the National Executive will be able to announce the preferred ways forward and introduce some novel concepts for the future. I look forward to receiving comments and suggestions from our existing members.
In  closing I would ask you all to spare a thought for three senior Skålleagues who are overcoming some serious health issues, Mark Clively in Jersey, Maurice Steer of Cambridge and Ian McCubbin of Manchester. We wish them speedy and complete recovery and look forward to seeing them again very soon.
I look forward to seeing you all (I hope) in Guernsey for the National Assembly in April, I know our fellow Islanders will put on a great weekend and I am very excited to be welcoming Mok Singh the International President and International Director of Young Skål, two important and influential members of Skål International.

Skål, David Lord
President Skål International UK

London Presidents Night Photo Album

Karen and I also thoroughly enjoyed our evening with President Alison and Skålleagues at Grim's Dyke on Friday. As you can see from the photos here at, the Red Noses came out as the night progressed (or regressed!) A really good evening - thanks! The shortage of guests was amply recompensed by the warmth of the welcome and the flow of the wines.

Skål, Ian Hawkes
President, Skål International Oxford

200 Club 2013-4

The National 200 Club fund raising activity will start again for another year with the first draw taking place at the National in Guernsey in April so there is not much time left if you wish to join in.

I would like to thank all those members who have already sent in their forms and to-date 104 shares have been sold but for those who would like to join a form is attached so please complete and return now.

Don't forget the more shares that are sold the bigger the prize money each month as 50% of all money collected is paid back in prize money.

It would be great if all members could buy at least one share and if you have never had a flutter in this fund raising activity now is your chance and you are entered into 12 draws just for the cost of £12 per share.

Once again many thanks to those who have been supporting the 200 club over the years and I hope many more will join in.


Good Luck and thank you.

Yours in Skål

John M. Bright (Promoter)

Download a 200 Club Application

200 Club - Recent Winners

February 2013

1st Brian Russell; Guernsey
2nd Lyn Snelgrove; Brighton
3rd Paul Acton-Phillips; Jersey

March 2013

1st Juliette Batiste; Guernsey
2nd Jeffrey Daich; Luton
3rd Alison Partridge; London
Please be sure to send your cheques to John Bright in plenty of time to be entered into the April draw which takes place in Guernsey during our National get-together. Click the button above for your application form.

News from the Clubs

Brighton, Sussex and the Channel

The John Colwill is an award given by Skål Brighton, Sussex and The Channel to someone who has actively benefited the Club during the year. At the AGM this year the Award was presented by Sally to Neville Grice, not only for all his hard work on behalf of the Club this past year, but for his unstinting efforts over the last 30 years. He has been a valued member of their Council, and is a Past President. He has continuously organised superb monthly events, checking out the locations in advance and always ready with quizzes and treasure hunts. He will really missed on Council.


Oxford take pleasure in welcoming Sean Harris, Manager of the White Hart Hotel, Dorchester-on-Thames as their newest member. The White Hart will be the host venue for their Founders and Past Presidents Dinner on 22 March.

A Note from Paul Fellows, International Councillor

Dear Skålleagues
We are nearly through the Winter, well I wrote that bit before snow and icy winds blasted in from Scandinavia bringing mayhem and even closed Channel Island airports. Thankfully it happened now and not in a month's time for our National meeting.
It has been a busy time since the National AGM in readiness for the National Convention.  Thankfully I can attend this year.
The workload is also increasing as the Mid-Year International Councillors meeting approaches being less than three weeks after our own National.
There has been some concern raised about the free structure for the new category of Active Individual Member or (AIM).  From the initial notice in the International Newsletter it looked as if the costs along with the national dues could be between 20 and 100 percent more than UK Club fees, hardly an inducement to join from an area not presently covered or should a club go into suspension.  This is again being looked at by the International Executive Committee after I lobbied the Director responsible citing UK member reactions to the newsletter article.  I see this initiative as a way of gaining nationally more members and could in the longer term lead to the formation of new clubs or resurrecting clubs that had been suspended.  I am sure this will be discussed at the Mid-Year meeting and hopefully a more realistic policy on fees and organisation agreed.
Thank you to those people and clubs who have sent donations to the Florimond Volkhaert Fund.  Over the last few years donations to needy members or spouses have outstripped the revenues collected so we do need to keep our contributions coming in.  It has helped a number of UL members in recent years with amazing benefits in quality of life.  This is not just retired members you never know when illness or incapacitation strikes.  I have known people in their 30´s and 40´s who have been helped.  If you send a personal or club donation to HQ please copy me in so I know the extent of UK support.
In closing I wish to thank you for your continuing support of me and look forward to seeing many of you in Guernsey in April.
Regards and Skal
Paul Follows
Vice-President International Skl Council
United Kingdom International Councillor

Skål International UK National Assembly
Hosted by Skål International Guernsey

Skål Guernsey have worked very hard to make this a National to remember. You should really join our International President Mok Singh and be there.
Thursday night is now included in the package price of £325.00 per person – single room supplement with a modest supplement. 
Still time to book and there are still air seats at not too silly prices 18-21 April. Not for long though.....
Details and booking
Please send me copy for next newsletter which will come out AFTER the National in Guernsey.  Would like to sign off by saying that the sun is lovely and warm in Spain – but today we have snow again !!  Keep warm !!
Regards and Skål
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