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Skål UK News - September 2012

I hope you all like the new look Skal Newsletter – many thanks to Ian Hawkes who has put it all together. The next edition will contain a social  report from Seoul as I am attending. 
Thanks to the contributors – please keep many items coming!

Julian's Jottings

Well what a summer this has been!
The sun shone nearly every day of the London 2012 Olympics and boy didn’t they do a good job.
Our own International Councillor Paul Follows spent the Olympics behind the wheel of a BMW whizzing all sorts of visitors around London in surprisingly quiet streets – I’m sure he enjoyed using the “Games Vehicles Only” lane however! My elder son, Jonathan, was a Games Maker and was in the Excel Centre for Fencing during the main games and again for the Wheelchair Fencing during the Paralympics. Both of them had a really wonderful experience and on behalf of Skal I would like to thank them most sincerely for taking time off to do these important jobs.
While we were in London to watch some of the events I was able to attend a Skål London drinks party arranged to welcome Skålleagues who were in the town for the Games. Although there were not many visiting Skalleagues it was a fun evening and I attach a picture for the record - Paul Follows, Julian Bernstein and Alison Partridge flying the “Flags”!

I leave Jersey next week with Martha to travel to South Korea for the International Congress. I look forward to seeing many friends while we are there and will send you a report on my return.

I intend to travel to both the Isle of Wight and Cooden Beach for the Presidents’ nights in November so see you there if not in Korea!
Meanwhile I hope that none of the following laws come into action over the next few weeks...
Murphy's Travel Laws
  • No flight ever leaves on time unless you are running late and need the delay to make the flight.
  • If you are running late for a flight, it will depart from the farthest gate within the terminal.
  • If you arrive very early for a flight, it inevitably will be delayed.
  • Flights never leave from Gate #1 at any terminal in the world.
  • If you must work on your flight, you will experience turbulence as soon as you touch pen to paper.
  • If you are assigned a middle seat, you can determine who has the seats on the aisle and the window while you are still in the boarding area.
  • Just look for the two largest passengers.
  • Only passengers seated in window seats ever have to get up to go to the lavatory.
  • The crying baby on board your flight is always seated next to you.
  • The best-looking woman on your flight is never seated next to you.
  • The less carry-on luggage space available on an aircraft, the more carry-on luggage passengers will bring aboard.
Skål! Julian

BRIGHTON, SUSSEX AND THE CHANNEL (edited report by Sally Gray)

The Tripartite meeting hosted by Southampton took place on 19th August 2012.  I attended along with Rosemary Angel, Edward and Jean Lewis, Bernard and Marianne Roland and Lyn Snelgrove, who had flown from Spain for the event. The numbers were rather low;   Brian and Velma Kirton represented Oxford and it was lovely to see Brian and Paulette Russell from Guernsey, who were promoting next year’s National Assembly.  We had a pleasant meal at the Southampton Park Hotel, after which Dieter gave us an insight into his time as a volunteer at the Olympic Games.  We then walked in the lovely sunshine to the Titanic exhibition.  I must admit to feeling that I would go as I felt I should, but was so glad I did.  It really exceeded all expectations and we all spent a couple of hours looking at the exhibits, before having a very welcome cup of tea in the café, manned by the most helpful staff.
(Apologies to Oxford for not including them in the title heading when promoting the tripartite meeting in the last newsletter. - Lyn) 
Our President’s Night is Saturday 17th November at the Cooden  Beach Hotel.  We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible. 

LONDON NEWS (thanks Mats)

It is sad to report that Joe Buford, who was one of the original trustees back in the 50’s, died on 26th July 2012, aged 90. Joe was very proud to be associated with the Skål Club over many years. Bob Duffett said: “Joe was a very special guy. The Club owes him a great debt in setting up the Benevolent Fund which is still running with huge success.”

On a happier note:
Paul McLean has finally got married. Congratulations Paul!  We are waiting for the wedding photos!
Kylie from Western Australia Tourism Authority has changed surname to Sterling. Yes, she got married as well.
Our “new” breakfast meetings (Skål Breakfast Club) have been a huge success. They will be surely repeated in the near future.
Our next event is on Thursday 18th October and it will be a luncheon - venue is to be confirmed!

The World Travel Market function is now confirmed for the 5th November at the Aflot Hotel. Please book early as we expect over 100 skålleagues from all over the world to attend.

Alison Partridge (President) and Paul Follows (International Councillor) from Skål London will attend the World Congress in Seoul Korea next month. A table/stand is booked for Skål UK during the Business Section. If you have company promotional material you want to be displayed on the stand, contact Alison and Paul for further information.
London Olympic logo


Two of our Skalleagues, Paul Follows and Dieter Sclieben were Volunteers aka Games Makers at the very recent amazing Olympic Games.  Below are two reflections on the time spent at this historic occasion.
PAUL FOLLOWS: (full version will appear in Skal International Publication later)
The atmosphere of everything to do with the Games has been electric.  Games makers, officials, athletes and the public have been on a high.  What struck me was how many retired people took up the challenge to get involved.  This was commented on by a number of people I chauffeured around.  They like me wanted to show London off at its best.  The transport issues and roads which were feared would be congested did not happen, it all worked very well.  As a driver it was a pleasure taking many athletes from the airport and showing them Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Eye and the Tower of London on their way to the Athletes Village.
My ten hour shifts started at various times 6 am 8 am 2pm and 5pmand finishing between 4pm and 3am.  There were many hilariously funny moments that I have now in my stores repertoire.
The these “Inspire a Generation” d just that.  The Olympic park was filled with excited children, dragging their parents along to see all that was going on.  The sell-out Olympics produced a urge of ticket sales for the Paralympics with over one million visitors to the park in just five days.  All wanted to experience the event before it closed.
DIETER SCHLIEBEN (edited report from Southampton newsletter)
My summer was quite unreal and I blame not the weather but the Olympic Games.  
It was terrific, great and really cool.  The energy in the Olympic Park was unreal. It was an incredible feeling to be part of such an unforgettable experience.  The opportunity only comes once in a lifetime.  The great show on earth?  actually it was out of this world! It was so mega that even Queen got carried away in the opening show
The Games did bring us all together, on a National and international level.  Games Makers, the people volunteering were chosen at random from all corners of the UK, from all walks of life, all ages, all shapes and sizes, absolutely everybody, all abilities, everyone was represented
At the Opening Night the entertainers did their very best.  After that it was up to the Athletes to be their best.  And of course  thousands of volunteers have done our bit to make a difference.  We made certain that the 2012 Games are being remembered by more than 2 million spectators as the friendliest, most British and most environmentally clean Games
The Volunteers were the great asset of the Games.  The spirit of the Games has proved infectious.  Spectators have had the time of their lives, but will the Games become a lift changing experience? I say thank you for the memory and I hope to see you in Rio in 2016!

SOUTHAMPTON (edited report from Dieter Schlieben)

Southampton hosted the 3 Way Lunch and Titanic Exhibition.  Amazing weather – we enjoyed the hottest day of the year.  We welcomed Velma and Brian Kirton from Oxford and from Brighton Sally Gray, Rosemary Angel, Bernard and Marianne Roland, Lyn Snelgrove and my old friend Ted Lewis and his wife Jean.  Ted and Eileen talked about the “Mansion Hotel” in Eastbourne that has recently been the subject of a TV program “A Hotel Inspector Calls”.  I know this hotel quite well as it had been offered to me by THF to manage back 1978 and I turned it down as it did not come up to my standards back then.  Unfortunately I missed the programme as I was away in London.  After lunch we went to the exhibition and the sadness and emotions of this true event are still very much alive 100 years later.  We followed the story through crew members.

We welcome a new member!!  Liz Smith-Mills of Diversey decided to join our Club as it is her area of operations.  Liz lives in Leeds and works for Diversey, based in Northampton.  Liz covers the Southwest of England working with Hotels, training staff in Service and Hospitality.  Liz flies to and from Leeds to Southampton and she feels that she will be able to become involved and make a contribution to our club.  Liz has already attended the National Assembly in Jersey last April as a guest and sponsor.

A reminder that our President’s Night is on Isle of Wight 3 November 2012.  Please contact John Bright for details.  Extra nights available – make it a weekend!!

New Skål Club - BEIJING

The inaugural meeting of Skål International Beijing was held recently at the Beijing Asia Hotel with approximately 75 people who attended the function, including officials from the Chinese Foreign Affairs office and the Ministry of Civil Affairs.


The International Executive Committee has just confirmed Mr. Bernhard Wegscheider from Austria to replace Jim Power. Bernhard will be introduced to the General Assembly in Seoul. Bernhard in the course of his 12 years working as sole managing director gained wide-ranging experience of corporate management and  guidance and a good experience of dealing with international markets (primarily in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the  UK,  central and  eastern Europe  and  the  US). {sorry, can't find a picture of him!! - Ian}


  • 1st   Joe Hickson   Oxford
  • 2nd   Joy Newman  Oxford
  • 3rd    Doreen Drewett Cambridge and East Anglia
  • 1ST    Don Keys-Massey  Guernsey
  • 2nd     Neville Grice  Brighton
  • 3rd      Skal Club of Brighton


The Agenda for the General Assembly in Seoul – which includes the annual reports and accounts, as well as the candidates for election – is now available on the Skål International website. You may access this document from the home page of the Skål International website – . For this you will be required to log in.
At the General Assembly in Seoul, we will be deliberating and voting on six changes to our Statutes two of which stem from the Task Force Report. To view this document, members will need to go to the Members Only area at, select Legal Documents and then click on PROPOSED STATUTES AMENDMENTS 2012. Members are encouraged to attend the Congress to have a say on the future of Skål International.

CAMBRIDGE AND EAST ANGLIA (edited report from Maurice Steer)

 Christine & Tony, Maurice & Sheila, Marisa & John, David and Ron joined forces for the August meeting at the Holiday Inn, Brentwood.  It was not the best meal but  the big plus  was the opportunity to celebrate Ron Avery’s 80th with a cake organised by Christine. He was presented with two cards one signed by all current members and another signed by the majority of past members.   He thanks all those who sent him greetings on the occasion of his 80th.Birthday.


We are pleased to announce the launch of the brand new website with the improved Membership Benefits and Skål Greeters sections! It has been several months in the making and last week it was finally rolled it out to the general public. Please note that when you access the new website for the first time you will be required to register (only once).
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