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Skål UK News - June 2013

At last!! Summer has arrived!!! Absolutely beautiful now in Spain too.

Jersey's Presidents Night

Skål International Jersey recently held their President’s Night at St Brelade´s Bay Hotel. President Martha decreed that the theme for her evening would be “James Bond” and so a variety of inventive costumes were to be seen. National President David had a very lovely white coat on and I mistook him for a delivery man (couldn’t remember which Bond movie?) but then I was told sternly that he was Dr No. Obviously I had missed the stethoscope! It was a great evening in a beautiful setting. Amazing food and company and amicale. Paulette and Brian and Juliette and Nick made the long journey from Guernsey and I am glad that I did four flights in four days to join in too!

During my all too brief stay in Jersey I spoke at great length to the charming Anca in Reservations at St Brelades Bay Hotel. Fingers crossed that she does join as a Young Skålleague. Please let me know Martha!

Back to Spain, I had the great pleasure to welcome my dear friends Dieter and Eileen Schlieben to my home for a few days. The weather was not as good as we had hoped for but we had a lot of fun and laughs as they joined with me and friends for a long hike through the hills and lots of sightseeing. As I don’t have a good sense of direction my directions did prove rather a headache for Dieter. So I think perhaps a satnav for future visitors might be the order of the day. To round off their stay two other Skålleagues from around the globe joined us for dinner. Jan Sunde and Cara Stewart-Clarke are at present staying near to me and so we had our own mini International evening.

200 Club

May Draw - This was held at the St Brelade´s Bay Hotel at Skål International Presidents Night
1st Don Keys-Massey from Southampton
2nd Sid Torode from Guernsey
3rd Roy Durrant from Brighton

June Draw - this was held during Oxford's Thames Cruise
1st ticket Pat Marsh, Brighton
2nd ticket Neil Singleton, Jersey
3rd ticket Geoff Bingham, Southampton...


Dieter and Eileen Schlieben celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary with a trip to St-Malo. Dieter managed to get himself trapped in the lift. The things some people will do to get a free bottle of champagne! (Hope it was the good stuff). Just as well he did as the wine list in the restaurant he chose for their celebration dinner ranged from 100.euros to 2300 Euros! So to make up for this cost on his return to Havant the ticket machine at the Leisure Centre gave him a ticket valid for 7 weeks free parking. The good news is that the Leisure Centre honoured it. Well done!

Well known Southampton member Duncan Fisher was interviewed on South Today News Programme, featuring a special report on Brownsea Island. Duncan is the General Manager of Brownsea Castle, a hotel belonging to the partners of the John Lewis Group. The story was about the present life and the history of the Castle complete with resident ghost. A future venue for a Skål functions perhaps?

On 21st July Brighton Sussex and The Channel are organising the annual Tripartite meeting (with Oxford and Southampton) at the Weald and Downland Museum. As an added attraction that day there is an exhibition of Rare and Traditional Breeds 10.00 4.30- more details to follow from Brighton

Advance notice of Presidents Night to be held on 19th October at Cooden Beach Hotel Bexhill. The hotel is offering excellent rates for an overnight stay – book room with hotel 01424 842281.
From Ian Hawkes......June’s traditional river cruise took on a different theme this year. Our river expert Brian (Kirton) very graciously invited Skål friends to share part of his 70th birthday celebrations with other personal friends from the waterways’ connections. This time we, together with guests from Skål Southampton, Brighton Sussex and the Channel and London took to the river Thames from Oakley and cruised down to Windsor before turning upstream to Boulters Lock at Maidenhead and back to Oakley. No ordinary cruise though; we were aboard Streatley for the second time in the club’s history. Streatley, a coal-fired steam cruiser owner by French Brothers Ltd and captained by Chris French, is now completely refurbished and really looks and performs brilliantly.
Blessed with near perfect weather, it was a fabulous afternoon. For one who professes not to relish being in the limelight, thank you Brian for your kind words and more importantly, for letting us all share your special day.


..... received over the weekend from Dieter Schlieben who advised of the passing of our skalleague Bernard Crisp. He was taken ill on his holiday in Burma and on his return was hospitalised.

Also, from Oxford, the sad loss of our Skålleague and dear friend Stan Bowes. I am sure you will all join me in offering sincere condolences to Pauline, Antony, Victoria and the rest of the family. Stan passed peacefully away in hospital on the 11th of June after being admitted the previous week for pneumonia. As many of you will know, Stan had not been enjoying the best of health since his heart operation but did make it to Oxford's May meeting in Dorchester on Thames. It was Rita Oxford who introduced Stan to Skål Oxford back in 1988 and he joined in 1989. He was then with the Thames and Chilterns Tourist Board and Karen’s boss! It was some time after the board ceased to trade and his retirement that he took on the role of Hon Secretary for the club in 2003 and served until the AGM in 2010.

Memories of a good friend from Karen Hawkes
Stan was part of many of our lives for many years. For me it was April 1987 when we first met. I was very fond of Stan, he was there as my boss, as my friend and as my Skålleague. He was a ‘good’ boss; a real little whirlwind and always stood up for you. In the latter years, when Wilhelmina and I were business partners, the tables turned and he ‘worked’ for me at Cottage in the Country and still our relationship stood firm. He was always there to lend a helping hand and I will miss him. RIP Stan.


At our National Committee meeting held in Guernsey considerable time was spent discussing  our UK finances.  The Budgets of our National President, Secretary, Treasurer and our International Councillor have been cut again with their full agreement and cooperation.

When we met in October last year we discussed the possibility of a Fund raising event to boost the coffers of Skål International UK and now is the time to share this with you and ask for your support.

It has been decided to hold a fundraising Draw to help our budget and support our International Councillor Paul and other members  continue to do excellent work for SkÃ¥l in general and especially for the UK members.

The draw for this event will take place later in the year.Alison Partridge Vice President SkÃ¥l International UK and our International Councillor Paul Follows have already sourced amazing international prizes and we are working very hard to collect more.  Prize donations from you would be very welcome too.
Shortly packs of draw tickets will be sent to Club Secretaries together with information about the prizes. 

Tickets will be in books of 5 priced at £5 per ticket or £20 per book. Clubs could buy books and sell them to their members and boost their own funds too!!We do hope that you will support our efforts in keeping subscriptions low and enabling our National committee to continue being a presence on the Skal International scene.

Thank you in advance for your much needed support!

Notes from your Webmaster

The UK website now hosts an archive of back copies of this newsletter together with the current version. Click the News tab from the Home Page for the links.

The website has the facility to list all local club events and each club's webmaster has the ability to update this and other local club information. Time and again when searching for news, we seach these pages to find precious little detail. Skål events are open to all Skål members, both local, UK and indeed overseas. If you do not list your events, don't bleat about poor attendance. PLEASE update your events for everyone's information. Thank you; hissy fit over and toys now back in pram!
Ian Hawkes
There are some excellent events taking place in the next few months so please email reports so I can share your fun and enjoyment with the other clubs in the next email.

Best wishes and Skål!
Lyn (
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