January 2016

New Year's Resolution? Meet New Year's Action Plan!

The New Year comes full of expectations, ambition to advance even further in your career, and perhaps even a brand new job. Here are five areas of focus to make 2016 your best year ever.
1. Find Balance 

Forming better habits now will mean less conscious effort for the rest of the year. Focus on what you've defined as important to you, and measure the amount of time you’re investing in that area. If you find your work is taking up much more energy than the other areas, know that it is going to negatively affect your health and relationships. Adjusting that balance should move to the top of your priorities. The other parts of your life are important, and ultimately your work will suffer for the lack of balance as well. Tired and stressed employees achieve  ... Read More

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Guide to Writing Your Executive Resume

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7 Sure Signs Now is the Time for a Career Change
Great article for the New Year if change is on the horizon for your career.

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