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As Sophia Health Institute approaches it's 3rd year, we have some exciting updates to share with you below! What do you love?  What has helped you on your journey to health?  Let us know!
Updates from Dr. Schaffner

I am so excited to continue to grow Sophia Health Institute and provide Dr. Klinghardt's medicine in a collaborative team setting.  We are inspired to continue to train future leaders in this much needed field of medicine!

A passion of mine is to not only grow Sophia Health Institute as a hub of innovation and world class medicine, but also make this medicine more accessible to communities in need.  This passion has inspired the formation of the Sophia Health Network.

We have created clinics in Seattle, Marin, and LA to begin offering supportive therapies and access to this medicine. 

Currently, I not only see patients at Sophia Health Institute, but also am traveling to Marin and LA to share this medicine while we establish ourselves in the community.

If you are inspired to share this medicine or have ideas to share with me, I am all ears.

Please reach out, I would love to hear from you!

Phone Consults with
Dr. Brooke!

Dr. Brooke is moving to Portland!  We are excited for her to start this next chapter in her career!

Dr. Brooke will still be available through Sophia Health Institute for phone consults on Wednesday afternoons starting September 9th.

Stay in touch with Dr. Brooke and schedule your phone consult through Sophia Health Institute.  Call 425-402-4401 to book your appointment today.
Dr. Sarah Carnes is Now Accepting New Patients!

Dr. Sarah has completed 1 year of her 2 year residency with Dr. Klinghardt.  During her 2nd year of residency, she is now accepting new patients. 

Inspired by the “5 Levels of Healing” model, Dr. Sarah favors using methods, like herbalism, homeopathy, neural therapy, and psychospiritual work, that increase harmony and communication within the body and between the body and the outer world, but is comfortable using whatever therapies are needed for a patient’s recovery.

Dr. Klinghardt's New Resident

Dr.  Amanda Wilms will be transitioning from the IV room to becoming a resident with Dr. Klinghardt this September.

Dr. Amanda is excited to transition into this new role! 

We are extremely grateful for the excellent patient care she delivered in the IV Room.  We are currently training our new nurse who is joining us!
Balance your Hormones in spite of Chronic Infections, Toxins and the rest of it!

Dr. Heiger has been certified through The Target Method, founded by Daved Rosensweet, MD.  She uses clinical experience and evidence-based medicine to deliver the latest in bio-identical hormone therapies to her patients.

She practices at Bella Fiore Klinik and is available for phone consultations.

To schedule an appointment call 206-659-0690 or email Info@bellafioreklinik.com

Live in the Bay Area?

Dr. Ha Dang practices at Marin Naturopathic Medicine.  She is both a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist. 

We are excited to grow our services to support our Bay Area patients. 

Current services include:
  • Regulation Thermography
  • Neural Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Nutritional Injections
  • UBI
  • IV Glutathione

Live in LA?

Dr. Sara Whitney is available for IV therapy at her practice, Myer's Cocktail LA, in Santa Monica.  Dr. Sara has Nutritional IV's and UBI therapy available.  Dr. Sara also has ozone ear insufflation and performs neural therapy.

She is a wonderful resource for our LA patients!
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