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House of Minerva

House of Minerva has been busy!

House of Minerva is recouping from all our events but we got home and started work on some new stuff. Our new Ipad Sleeves are pretty awesome.

Get your hands on our NEW and very popular Ipad Sleeves. Over 50 fabric choices to pick from, it's limitless. We continue to add new choices weekly! At $22.00 with Free Shipping this is a steal. Get them now at this introductory price. 

Not only do you get a choice of fabric but also the choice of horizontal or vertical for your opening. I prefer the horizontal, fits great right inside my Bucket Bag for easy access when I'm out and about. 


Where Are You Taking Vacation?

Do you have something planned? A day at the beach with the family? 

House of Minerva Beach Bags:  House of Minerva Beach Bags are absolutely a must have this year on the beach. We use the most durable fabrics for your bag. And everything is lined with the highest quality construction. Two large pockets for your posessions, books, keys, phones etc. These hold 3 Large Full Sized Beach Towels very easily! 

These bags are light weight for easy packing in your luggage! They are even great when you're not at the beach to take with you to the grocery store run and save on those plastic/paper bags at the store! Use one of these and you'll be able to carry your milk, bread or even your caviar home in.


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