Whether you're ready or not...we're about to #GetGutsy.
Hey fellow go-getters,

Nearly seven months after launching my website, JessicaLawlor.com, I'm thrilled to finally send out my first e-newsletter. Thanks so much for subscribing!

When my site launched in October, I knew starting an e-newsletter was something really important to my overall strategy, but I wasn't ready to get started. Even still, friends and bloggers advised me to start building my email list, so that when I was ready to hit send on my first email, I'd have an established and interested community to reach out to. 

I promised myself that when my newsletter list hit the 100 subscriber mark, I'd send out my first newsletter and get this party started. Well, I surpassed that milestone a few weeks ago...so, here I am!

As excited as I am to kick off my e-newsletter initiative, I'm really nervous. Know why?

Because I don't feel ready to start my e-newsletter.

I haven't quite figured out my strategy. I'm not sure whether this will be a weekly or monthly newsletter. I don't have a fancy template. I don't have any kind of content calendar.

Here's the thing: If I don't hit send now, I may never do it.  

It would be really easy to convince myself that I should just wait a little longer...do a little more MailChimp research, invest in a designer to make the newsletter beautiful, prepare the perfect editorial calendar. Keep pushing it off.

But that would be silly, now wouldn't it? I'm getting out of my own way to accomplish my dreams. I'm hitting send.

That's the thing with dreams. It's easy to put them off because you're scared. Or nervous. Or whatever. But that's what getting gutsy is all about, right? Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone in order to reach your goals and live a fulfilling life.

The same goes for you. You know that idea you can't stop thinking about? The one that nags at you at night before you go to sleep? Yes, that idea. It's probably big and scary and seems impossible to tackle. 

But if you don't start now, when will you? Do yourself a favor and do ONE thing this week to move toward making that idea a reality. And when you do, hit reply on this email and let me know!

Get gutsy,


PS- Thanks again for subscribing. Seriously. It means the world to me. Would you mind doing me a quick favor? Hit reply on this email, tell me who you are and what big, scary, awesome goal you're working toward right now. I'd love to hear from you! Plus, knowing more about who you are will help me to tailor these newsletters to make sure you're getting exactly what you signed up for- useful tips, ideas and action items to reach your goals.


Dose of Inspiration

"Every pro was once an amateur. Every expert was once a beginner. So dream big and start now."


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