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CreatoNews - Winter 2013

As we venture into a new Financial Year F14 in Australia many business leaders are scratching their heads, asking their people for ideas to innovate and grow their businesses sustainably and looking to 'do more with less' and knock a 'few, big bets out of the ball park'.  Simultaneous to the constant pressures to grow your business in a fast changing marketplace is the rising input prices we have to absorb in our businesses often without the ability to pass on price rises to our customers and consumers who have the power of eCommerce on the end of their arm and a plethora of great choices for value creating products and services.

I recently had the pleasure of giving a guest lecture to Swinburne University of Technology International Business students aimed at stimulating some thought and recognizing an amazing growth opportunity for Australian food & beverage businesses in the Asian century.  We are pleased to share our thoughts and learning with our clients, colleagues and friends of Creatovate as always and include a link to the complete presentation and audiocast

If you prefer to read a snapshot summary post you can view our recently published post on SixDegrees Executive Newsletter this month:

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Food can help Fuel Australia's growth opportunity to 2050

25 July 2013Bookmark and Share

Dermott Dowling, founding Director of Creatovate, explains why innovation in the food industry and expansion into the Asian market is essential for Australian food manufactures moving forward.  

“Imagine all the food mankind has produced over the past 8,000 years. Now consider that we need to produce that same amount again — but in just the next 40 years if we are to feed our growing and hungry world.” 
– Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, and Daniel Servitje, CEO of Grupo Bimbo
Rio+20 UN Conferences on Sustainable Development, June 2012.

We have been confronted by a myriad of headlines in the media recently around the impending decline in the mining commodity super cycle that has helped sustain the Australian economy in recent years in the face of the global financial crisis. Most recently we are seeing a recurrence of redundancy announcements especially in the manufacturing and auto-industry.  

Dig a little deeper and hidden in the headlines there are also some concerning and alarming events occurring in the food industry.  It is apparent that Australia is losing competitive advantage to its closest neighbour New Zealand when it comes to value-added food processing, or to Asia due to lower costs of labour and foreign government tax incentives to relocate manufacturing into fast emerging markets.

The Australian food industry as a whole supports 317,000 direct jobs, and a flow through of about 1.6 million jobs. Yet Australian food producing and manufacturing sectors have struggled to receive the recognition and support they deserve. Australia’s food manufacturing exports are still very strong, worth $17 billion a year, more than education and tourism.  Australia also sits on the edge of a very fast growing and immense opportunity to feed the booming middle class of Asia which is forecast to grow from 500 million people to 3 billion people in the coming decades .With the inevitable change of diet that increasing affluence brings to our Asian neighbours we can expect to see a shift towards a more protein rich diet and a desire to enjoy the good food, wine and cheer that many of us in Australia enjoy every day.
The purpose of this post is not to be alarmist or pessimistic, but is to point Australian food businesses, their key stakeholders and supporters eyes north to Asia and the enormous potential for us to grow our businesses sustainably with innovation and international business expansion.  

Innovation in the food industry is sorely needed to meet the changing lives and needs of today’s consumers, customers and communities.  Anthony Pratt at the Global Food Forum held in Melbourne on 18th April 2013 outlined his thoughts on a 6 point plan to continue to grow Australia’s food industry and move from feeding 50 million people outside Australia today to 200 million:

  1. Accelerated depreciation for new manufacturing investments in food.
  2. A massive boost in the food and beverage sector innovation. Governments can’t create innovation, but they can help drive it by providing financial incentives, partnerships, and much greater R&D support.
  3. Australia needs to follow the American example in anti-dumping practice by putting the burden of proof on the offending party to prove that they are not doing it.  Rather than the current situation in Australia, where the onus is on “the dumpee” to prove that he is not being dumped on.
  4. Find a way to suspend, not abolish, payroll tax for food manufacturers.
  5. Competition policy should be more relaxed to allow food companies to consolidate under certain conditions, thus enabling greater profitability and so encouraging companies to stay in Australia.
  6. As a matter of urgency, we need to get more young people into agricultural science. We’re only producing 750 graduates a year, and there are over 4,000 vacancies in the food industry. (A. Pratt, 2013)

Whether you agree with Pratt’s 6 point plan or not, you cannot deny the inevitable fact that populations are growing globally and we face an enormous future challenge to feed 9 billion people in the world in 2050.

Business innovation and international business need to be high on your priorities so you can do more with less and learn from the fast emerging mega-markets in our region and their immense demand potential for the Australian Food Industry.

Dermott Dowling is the founding Director of @Creatovate Innovation & International Consultancy. Creatovate consult to businesses on how to create and embed innovation processes and craft international business strategy, market entry plans and set up or outsource international business services.  

This post is an abridged version of a recent guest lecture given to Swinburne University International Business students on “Global Hunger Challenge: Australian International Business Opportunity” available for viewing, downloading and audio cast.

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[2] Pratt, Anthony (2013)  April 18, viewed on 9th July 2013. 

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Closing out our first full financial year in business F13 it was with great pleasure that I wrote out a cheque for 10% of our pre-tax profits to The Smith Family

Creatovate are big believers in the social benefits business can bring to the communities we operate in and that is why from Day 1 of our operation we committed to gifting 10% of our pre-tax earnings to The Smith Family.  We are a micro business and our donation is not macro by any stretch but we hope that as our business grows so does our contribution to our community.  When I was in The Smith Family head office in Collingwood, Melbourne in the last week of June writing out the best cheque of the year for Creatovate to give to The Smith Family, John reminded me I would not be where I am today were it not for my education.  I had absolutely no come back to that as he was absolutely correct and I was thrilled to receive a note from John saying our last years financial donation will support at least one of the following:
  • 77 breakfasts for kids in the Northern Territory on the Ready, Brekkie Go program.
  • 33 kids on the 20 week Student2Student peer reading program. This program matches Learning for Life students who have reading difficulties with students from other communities who have excellent reading skills.  In 20 weeks 87% of students improve their reading standards by 2 years.
  • Sponsor 2 students for 1 year
  • Provide 6 school essential packs ( incl. books, and sports shoes)
  • Allow 18 kids to participate in a 2 day creative art course. This gives disadvantaged kids the benefit of exercising both sides of the brain.
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