This Week in Syria, Deeply
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You could call it rebel in-fighting – this week’s battles between Jabhat al Nusra and Kurdish groups in the north, and the ongoing tension between al Nusra and the Free Syrian Army. In a more subtle understanding, it’s a competition between competing visions of Syria’s future, the largely secular revolution against an Islamist tide. We dove into that interplay in an item that looks at Why Syria’s Rebels Are Fighting Each Other.
It’s the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, a sacred occasion in Syria. UN Secretary General called for a ceasefire to mark the holiday, but those calls went ignored. That prompted us to look into A Brief History of Peacekeeping Attempts in Syria, with input from Syrian analysis Ayham Kamel of the Eurasia Group.
Religion – the violent divide between sects – has become a deadly dimension of the Syrian civil war, with contagion effects on the rest of the Middle East. We’ve seen recent flashes of Sunni-Shiite violence in Lebanon and Iraq, demonstrably fueled by tensions in Syria. That leads to the question: Has Syria’s Conflict Sparked A Regional Sunni-Shiite War? Two informed voices in Beirut give us their answers.
In a slice of life for urban refugees, Syrian footballers in Tripoli showed us how they’re Kicking Soccer Balls While Militias Shoot Kalashnikovs. From our community opeds, Joyce Karam looked at Why the US Congress is Reluctant on Syria. 

As always, to help you review, here’s our day-to-day roundup of Syria headlines last week: 

Monday: Car Bomb Strikes Damascus; Air Raids in Idlib5,000 Children Killed in War, UN Says
Tuesday: Rebels Reinforce Damascus Suburbs; Syrian Reconciliation Team Killed in Homs; UK Gives Rebels Chemical Weapon Protection
Wednesday: UN Says Syrian Refugee Crisis "Worst Since Rwanda"; Islamists Fight Kurdish Forces; Pro-Assad Voice Assassinated in Beirut
Thursday: Kurds Battle Islamist Groups on Turkey-Syria Border; Britain Steps Back from Arming Rebels; Syrian Air Raids Hit Lebanon
Friday: Foreign Jihadis Target Syria's ChristiansUN Says a Generation of Children Will "Grow up Illiterate"; "US Considers Use of Force"
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