This Week in Syria, Deeply

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We ended the week with A Profile of Yakzan Shishakly, a man who went from managing an air conditioning business in Texas to running a refugee camp inside Syria. The Olive Tree Camp in Idleb province is now home to 26,000 people, at peak times 1,000 people show up in a day. In a follow-up Google Hangout with Shishakly his insights on the humanitarian crisis were profound: fears of epidemics spreading as winter thaws, kids who once hoped to attend school now selling cigarettes in the street.  

In the southern part of the country, we looked at how Kidnappings and Extremists in Swaida Lure the Druze into Conflict – reaching into a religious community that had stayed relatively neutral until now. We went One on One with Janine Di Giovanni, a seasoned reporter who told us what it’s like to be a woman – and mother – covering the war. “Your feelings are more raw,” she says.

Mohammed Sergie’s
 Social Media Buzz looked at the assassination of Mohammed Said Ramadan Al Bouti, how A Cleric’s Death Unites Many Syrians in Condemnation.

John Wreford of Roads + Kingdoms gave us a vivid scene from Damascus, Drinking Tea to the Sound of Distant Mortars.

As always to help you review, here’s our day-by-day roundup of Syria news this week: 
Monday: Shelling on Central Damascus Square; Rebel Commander Wounded by Blast; Opposition Refuses Moaz al-Khatib’s Resignation.
Tuesday: Syrian Army Recaptures Symbolic Baba Amr District in Homs; Opposition Takes Syria Seat at Arab League Summit
Wednesday: Rebel Coalition Calls for Use of Patriot Missiles; Assad Appeals to African Summit; Jordan Closes Off Border with Syria

Thursday: Fierce Battles in Damascus Outskirts; Arms Shipments to Rebels Step Up; Syrian Refugees Clash with Turkish Forces

Friday: Rebels Capture Key Town Near Jordan Border; Mortar Strikes at Damascus University; France Backtracks on Arming Rebels
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