This Week in Syria, Deeply

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Our reporting this week went Behind the Lens in Idlib with photojournalist Nicole Tung, after a look at Facebook Diplomacy and Terrorist Chants in Binnish in our Social Media Buzz. We interviewed a Syrian soldier who told us that “Tomorrow, I’m Defecting From Assad’s Army,” and zoomed in on how the Salamiyeh Bombings Struck the Heart of Syria’s Peaceful Revolt. As part of our weekly interview series with reporters covering the crisis, we went One-on-One with Clarissa Ward. A snapshot of refugee life showed how Syria’s Kurds Battle Squalor and Indifference in Iraq.

In community op-eds we featured a take on The Biggest Hurdles Facing Post-Assad Syria and perspectives from Anne Richard, Assistant Secretary for Population, Refugees and Migration at the U.S. State Department. She weighed in on The State of Aid for Syria.
Wrapping up the week we held a Google Hangout with Ambassador Edward Djerejian, the former US envoy to Syria and Israel. He joined us for a thoughtful digital dialogue, rich with historical perspective.
As always, to help you review, here’s our day-by-day roundup of Syria news this week: 
Monday:  Rebels Seize Syria’s Largest Dam; Syrian Opposition Renews Offer to Talk to Assad

Tuesday:  Rebels 'Seize Northern Air Base', Prepare for Push on Deir al-Zor; Syria ‘Self Destructing’, Says UN Chief

Wednesday:  Syrian Troops Bombard Rebels Posts Around Damascus; Russia to Continue Supplying Arms to Assad

Thursday: Heavy Fighting Over Aleppo Airport; Diplomatic Pressure Mounts on Assad, as Russia Meets with Rebels
Friday:  Syria Rebels Seize Oil Field; More Than 100 Civilians Kidnapped; Turkey Fires Back After Syrian Shell Hits

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