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Scale Smarter #207
by Edwin Abl

I'm often asked how to prioritise marketing GTM. 

It helps to start with these 15 questions (I'm giving away my approach; you can now self-audit without me. 

Now, on to this week's ideas...


Hey, it's Ed, and welcome to the weekend. Thank you for reading the Scale Smarter Newsletter — a once-a-week briefing with ideas from me, SaaS GTM insight and mindset tools for everyday life. This newsletter aims to provide you with actionable information in condensed form.


1. 13 steps to build a marketing machine.

Anti-Scale GTM Strategy
1. Invert the Problem, Establish Anti-Goals
2. Test GTM Channels, Techniques  & Tactics
3. Prove Channels Work

Operational Excellence “The machine”
4. Find Repeatable Channel Motions
5. Embed New People and Capabilities
6. Prove Team Can Execute
7. Embed The Right Processes and Tools
8. Ensure Marketing GTM ROI and Payback

Scale-Up execution
9. Prove Holistic / Cohesive Strategy “Your Playbook”
10. Align “One Unified Comms Engine”
11. Scale gas, Org, Process and Channels
12. Due Diligence Each Quarter on Results
13. Launch new programs iteratively 

2. Categorised book recommendations:

🟢 On Building Culture - Legacy by James Kerr
🟢 On Mindset - The Almanak of Naval Ravikant
🟢 On Building a business operating system - Traction by Gino Wickman
🟢 On leadership - The Ride of a Lifetime by Bog Iger
🟢 On-Time Management - Four Thousand Weeks by Olver Burkeman
🟢 On Negotiation - Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss
🟢 On Direct Marketing - The One-page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib
🟢 On Selling - The Jolt Effect by Matthew Dixon

3. The importance and impact of long-term thinking and planning. 

You'll learn why thinking ahead, not just in a quarter, is critical to your success. It’s something I discuss every week, the mindset of working in parallel, short term vs long term. To build a marketing machine, you have to build it together. 



4. An ‘incredibly effective’ shift in marketing spend

Most GTM strategies focus on performance marketing and demand generation tactics. You’ll rethink this approach based on the AirBnbs example, which is quite simple, and focus on consistent content, education and story-telling. It might not gain you in-quarter success, but if you are serious about the machine, you want to have an alternate view on where you focus marketing. 

5. This is NOT your value prop.

Quote: Here’s the thing, time savings aren't differentiated, doesn't create urgency, and doesn't capture real $$$. A business case built on saving time won’t stand a chance of getting past the CFO. Learning here is to go deeper than “saving costs” in your value proposition. 

6. To build a community, you need to understand your people first.

Starting. Community. Is. So. Hard. I know. I’ve probably failed at doing it multiple times. Here’s why. The first step in the right direction is this cool idea called ‘first study your people. Because, to build a community, you need to understand your people first. 



7. This is why I am writing this newsletter.

Writing is a powerful thinking tool. You'll learn writing is more than a wonderful tool—it’s a way to think better, both individually and collectively. To make the most of it, write more, write often, and share your writing with the world.




One more thing... Thanks for reading.

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🤔 15 Must-Answer Marketing Questions for Revenue Growth

The full list: 

  1. How much revenue do you need to generate from marketing (or one-funnel approach) efforts by the end of the year or FY?
  2. What is the average sale? i.e. Velocity
  3. What is your close rate?
  4. How many MQLs and SQLs do you need to generate?
  5. How much revenue from existing customers do you need to generate?
  6. What verticals show the best traction and velocity?
  7. Do you have clear ICP examples (Ideal Customer Profiles?)
  8. What customer stories can you leverage?
  9. What are tactical campaigns running? What are the success metrics?
  10. Do you currently have a GTM playbook strategy defined?
  11. What is your current MarTech stack, which areas do you want to resolve, and in what order?
  12. Do you operate a Sales & Marketing SLA?
  13. Where are the friction points that lead to a longer, close journey?
  14. How valid (predictable) is the current sales pipeline?
  15. What are your outbound conversions, SQL to Opp to close rates? 
Get these answers.

Recommendations for taking the next step: 

Rank and tackle the most significant obstacles to pipeline growth by focusing on one issue at a time, beginning with the highest priority challenge.


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Pitch: I'll give you proven playbook templates used by fast-growing teams and my experience scaling B2B marketing machines.

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This newsletter is my passion project. I hope it helps you gain deeper insight and equips you to learn at the pace needed to keep up. Many readers have asked about how we can work together. In case you’re interested, I do three things.

(1) DUE DILIGENCE: Demand Karma helps B2B SaaS VCs validate investments, benchmark capabilities, and supercharge the 100-day plan—companies love complex, customers love simple, and VCs love that we make it simple.

(2) GTM COACH: Retained advising at funded scale-ups. A simple monthly fee. Helping CEOs build a scalable marketing machine. I'll help you fix your biggest challenges.

(3) MENTORING: Monthly coaching for marketing teams, CMOs / CROs / VPs, revenue teams and CEO insights for solving GTM problems. 

If you’re interested, let’s jump on a call to see if you’re a good fit. 

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