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If you follow me on Linkedin, you may have seen I was in Edinburgh launching our UK wide innovation series. The best thing about our launch was seeing my team operate with full agency, autonomy and passion for doing great work. 

Next week think how you can inspire more confidence around ownership and empowering your team to execute. It’s not easy. Don’t dictate. Don’t Mentor. Make sure you coach them to be successful. If you think deeply about your approach you can make a big impact on others. 

Here are 7 things I thought you’d need to know for February 22nd in under 3 minutes: 👀 

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Leadership 😬

1. Are you interested in how the most successful leaders think and operate? A powerful concept to learn about is called Second-Order Thinking, it will shift your mindset to think different. 

2. What do great leaders have in common? (those I’ve met in my career) 

+ Communication - they are clear and consistent 
+ Vision - they inspire you to go from x to y
+ Humble - speaks for itself 
+ Great learners - read and insatiably curious 
+ Coaching mindset - focus on getting the best of people 
+ Into the detail - think laterally about all concepts 

3. Power Laws: How Nonlinear Relationships Amplify Results.


4. I watched a fascinating talk from SuperHuman’s Founder on how to launch a successful product using Gamification (a new invite-only productivity app). It’s interesting because we are designing our product launch process on building hype, awareness and impatience to buy when launched! 

5. I’m learning how to design a new sales org model. I re-read SaaS Sales as a Science and reviewed Notion Capitals perspective on how to build a data driven performance model that helps you win

6. Guide: A super helpful overview of The 20 Most Important B2B Revenue KPIs According to More Than 50 Businesses

Well-being 🧠

7. The 3 simple rules that changed my life by Ramit Sethi. 

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One more thing...Thanks for reading.

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🤔 q&a: How do you run an effective sales / discovery meeting? 

On calls (cold, discovery and introductions) do not talk about you straight away.

People don't care about you.

They care about solving a challenge for a particular situation they are in. Avoid the trap of jumping in to talking about "your solution / product / you" they simply don't care.

This is one of the most common failures of Account Executives, SDR's and anyone selling - it's talking too early about your product and solution rather than building rapport and finding a specific challenge someone has to solve.

Think about it this way:

1. Situation - what is the current situation of the employer or persona.
2. Challenge - what is / are the biggest challenges they currently face.
3. Value - based on their current situation and challenge what value do you provide.

Not it's a feature of what you do.

What is the value to their situation and challenge - how do you take them from X to Y - how do we make that process easy and painless.

It's critical to think of this framework in any situation when jumping on calls or meetings. You alienate people if you end up talking about your product or solution.

Talking about yourself is easy to do and makes you feel good but it doesn't work.....

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