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Weekly Briefing No. 192
by Edwin Abl

Hey — It's Ed. Welcome to 2023 :), and to my weekly briefing. 

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Using fear as a powerful motivator 
The math behind marketing and sales harmony
Everything an open-minded CEO needs to know about GTM

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1. Like most of you. You will; I'm sure you have "set goals" for the year by now. Both personal and professional. Your approach might benefit a rethink towards using Fear as a more powerful motivator.

Flip your goals around to focus on Fear, i.e. Imagine the catastrophic effects of failure; if I don't do this every day…. I'm looking at early death (extreme, but you get the point). Then ensure to create Random intermittent wins for your habits and behaviours. 

Fear is a terrific motivator

2. Self-coaching is a powerful tool for managing your mindset and performance. In case you missed it before Christmas, I am resharing my summary of the Coach's casebook. I was reading to help improve my coaching skills with paid clients at the time. However, I found some of the thinking and scenarios perfect to use in a self-reflective capacity.

To do this, I took notes from the whole book (which is long, I'll add) to turn back and re-read as needed. If you want to review, use the materials or read my book summary, you'll find a copy here. 

Let me know how you get on. 

3. Better meetings make for better days - 20 tactical ideas to try out with your team

> Favourite Snippet: 
"The meeting everyone hates is the large meeting, which is only useful to the meeting owner. This person is often the CEO. And often, the meeting consists of going around the room and giving status updates. The meeting owner feels great about it, but everyone else is rolling their eyes, bored to tears, thinking about how 'this could have been an email.' I was running a meeting like this for a long time,"
Chen admits. 

In short, CEOs 'cancel their favourite meeting'.



4. It's that time of the year with leadership away days strategising the next FY. Many discussions will revolve around "moving to enterprise"; let's increase deal size and ARR volume. Easy peasy, right?Well, not really. And it's never really thought through that well. Often, the take-away for marketing and sales is now to target enterprises. But really, the strategy is fuzzy. 

Before you start, actually consider this checklist. 

 Important for selling in the enterprise;

Two scenarios: 
1. You have a new product, and you will have to convince
2. You are solving a problem in the category and building a better product

1. You have the features/outcomes your buyers expect to have today
2. You have several features/differentiators which are unique and distinguish you from the market 

5. The Math behind marketing and sales harmony

> Key Insight: 
It would be a mistake to hire a swath of salespeople, assign their quotas and then fail to provide them with enough inbound lead flow to succeed. In that case, marketing would be the limiting factor in the business. I believe asking salespeople to generate leads in addition to closing them is suboptimal in most cases. 

6. Most marketing teams need support executing a holistic content strategy. The reason is that most effort is geared towards the top of the funnel to drive brand awareness.

Most action is focused on the content programme to drive awareness with minimal consideration to "conversion".

Here is an interesting read on why you should rethink the value of bottom-of-the-funnel, focusing on buying topics.

Be different to your competition.



7. 🧠 Nine secrets to building resilience and happiness.  

 I fell in love with 1000 Awesome Things many years ago. It led me to follow Neil Pasricha, who is the author. His book 'Everything is Awesome' has been out for a year or so and is highly recommended. I’ve read LOTS of personal development books over the years, but this is a powerful book for those looking for inspiration and focus. 

The angle Neil takes is on “Building resilience as the real success.” It couldn’t be more true. Resilience is the foundation for everything that happens. It’s often overlooked. But I think truly happy people have it. When I say happy, I mean they are resilient (I’d guess). 

He shares nine secrets to building resilience and happiness: 

✅ Add a DOT-DOT-DOT 
✅ Shift the spotlight 
✅ See it as a step 
✅ Tell yourself a different story 
✅ Lose more to win more 
✅ Reveal to heal 
✅ Find small ponds 
✅ Go untouchable 
✅ Never, never stop



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 🤔 Everything an Open-Minded CEO Needs to Know about GTM for 2023

It used to be acceptable for CEOs to build large sales teams and not value marketing. 

CEOs don't want to — and — can't — admit linear sales led no longer works. They struggle to understand buyers' wish to switch between channels and experiences. 

It means that B2B buyers demand simple, diverse buying workflows today. 

As a result, sales reps are not the only channel to customers but simply a channel, and alignment across in-person, remote and digital is crucial for supporting customers in how they buy. 

We call this 'Revenue Orchestration', which must be owned.

This changes the game for everyone on your team. 

The focus will shift from. 

• CEO 
Then: Sales led
Now: Alignment led 

Then: Sales driver 
Now: Revenue connector 

Then: Pipeline supporter
Now: Revenue orchestrator 

Then: Marketing ROI
Now: Revenue efficiencies 

• CCO 
Then: Customer retention 
Now: Revenue expander 

Why is the Game Different?
• The revenue funnel has shifted, again
• Hiring in sales is not a growth plan
• Poor revenue alignment kills growth
• External forces have changed b2b selling

The winners will: 
• Build a fantastic product and experience 
• Build an engaged audience and brand
• Build a connected and aligned GTM machine

That's literally it.




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