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Here a 7 things I thought you’d need to know for May 30th in under 4 minutes:

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Leadership 😬

1. I read this blog / audio from Michael Hyatt to reflect and remind myself about the 7 steps to thinking big

2. Continuous improvement is a must for leaders and management. There’s been lots on this topic over the years from Dave Brailsford, James Clear and others. Here is another useful example

3. What’s the best way to build and maintain trust among team members at work? A simple formula.

✅ Be interested and listen / understand their perspectives.
✅ Help them solve challenges.
✅ Provide a buffer for over-whelm.
✅ Deliver simple and actionable advice.

Focus in those 4 items to build trust.


4. I love podcasts. And I love the opportunity to use as part of your brand strategy. That’s why this post on why you should NOT start a podcast interested me. It’s an interesting one - love to hear your thoughts agree or disagree? 

5. I re-read The SaaS Sales Method: Sales As a Science by Jacco Van Der Kooij (Author), Fernando Pizarro  (Author), Dominique Levin  (Author), Dan Smith (Author). Always find books conceptually define a new process that makes you want to change a process (this included) - but how to implement and execute is definitely a challenge. This will make you rethink the funnel

Well-being 🧠

6. Looking at a summer detox? This article will uncover the answer to that killer question - Beer before wine? Wine before beer?.... 

7. [Podcast] What does it mean to live a meaningful life, and how can mindfulness help? 

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🤔 q&a: How long should I spend writing a cold email to a prospect on my list?

You need to invest the time needed to write a compelling message. Don’t rush cold email copy.

> A process to follow:
  • Brainstorm and create the biggest SPECIFIC PAIN possible for the prospect. The trick with cold emails is to make sure it is ultra specific and not generic. Generic means low response rates. You have to stimulate the prospect. You have to agitate and create tension. That is the first key to your copy.
  • Make it short and simple. Treat cold emails with brevity, simplicity and clarity. Do not write a long winded, fluffy and text heavy email. It will not get read. It has to stand out immediately.
  • Add clear social proof and/or personalisation. Your copy must include social proof (referral, or customer names - some form of commonality). Even better research the prospect. Add a line or two that shows you’ve done your research. It will compound the effectiveness.
  • Simple structure to follow. Make the content authentic and valuable. Don’t lie.
Don’t try to make your ask unclear. Don’t try to deceive.

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