Weekly Digest #20: December 2018 by Edwin Abl - 7 Podcasts that teach you actionable ideas
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After being in San Francisco this week - a weekend trip to Canterbury! 

Hey all,  

Here are 7 podcast's I've listened to in 2018.

Each Podcast episode has a piece of highly relevant and actionable advice in different areas of the growth/ revenue mix.


1. Masters of Scale: Infinite Learners by Reid Hoffman. Discussion on the importance of continuous learning (need I say more...). 📖

2. #61: How Emailing Tool Mixmax Grew to 10,000+ Customers with CEO Olof Mathé. Mathé, the co-founder and CEO at Mixmax, describes how they drive customer acquisition with minimal investment in Marketing - introducing 'Product Qualified Leads'. 📈

3. SaaStr 170: Intacct's Rob Reid on Scaling Intacct's Team & Culture To An $850m Exit, Why You Must Attack The Process Not The People & Why The Old School CEO Approach Is Upside Down and Backward. One key discussion point is focused on why transparency across an organisation is fundamental to both efficiency and culture. 🧸

4. Andrew Davis On Obsessively Tracking Your Career, How To Create The Speech People Talk About, And Why You Can Charge More Than You Think With The FEE Model. Been a favourite of Michael Port's advice for many years - he covers how you need to 'Be as systematic as possible with creative endeavours to allow for more creativity." 🧨

5. My New Productivity Hack by Brian Moran. A different approach on how to manage your schedule. 📆

6. Do you want to be happy with Tony Robbins. They dive into the thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that are limiting your consciousness, and shed light on the ways you can commit to the new habits and patterns that will allow you to let go of pain and suffering and start living a life of self-realisation. 😍

7. Why it's profitable to slow down with Frank Kern. Reminder, that it's actually more important than ever to slow down and execute the right strategy. A good rethink for the festive period. 🙏

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