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Here are 7 podcasts from the last week I thought worth sharing. 

1. Of course they cheated - a LIVE Q&A about confusing education and learning. Akimbo, a Podcast by Seth Godin. 

2. How to Evaluate a SaaS Company and Align Your Sales Funnels w/ David Skok. Teaches you about the value of 3 ideas - repeatability, scaling and profitability. Sales Hacker by Sam Jacobs. 

3. Sequoia’s Pat Grady on What Sequoia is focused on Today. The answer is fairly simple - go listen. VC:20 by Harry Stebbings. 

4. How to Fix Your Hiring Process w/ Peter Cappelli. He discusses how there are simpler ways to measure whether someone will be a good fit. HBR Ideacast by HBR. 

5. Stuck in a Rut? The Solution is Coming. Tells you what to do when stuck in a rut or a slump. Advanced Selling Podcast by Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale. 

6. Building a sales team from scratch, quickly. What does it take? With Sam Blond who covers 3 topics - people, sales operations and sales enablement. 

7. How to Sell More Stuff. Frank Kern talks about the magic formula to sell more stuff. Using a tactic / campaign called Intent Based Branding. 

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🤔 q&a: 7 predictions for b2b marketing in 2019?

Here are my thoughts: 

✅ The re-alignment of social media 
✅ Video becomes table-stakes
✅ The re-prioritisation of slow, sustained growth 
✅ (S)he who automates wins 
✅ The buyers quest will replace the persona 
✅ A renowned focus on product-driven marketing
✅ Clever content manipulation 

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