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2019. Well I can’t believe it’s nearly April. 

I just got back from Honeymoon, and hence haven’t sent the weekly digest for a month or so. But no worries, it’s back and I’ve spent this week thinking about how to make these more valuable. As quick recap, each week I’ll share 7 pieces of content that’s helped me form new ideas, thinking and/or solve challenges. It’s for you, if you are an aspiring marketing leader, CMO/ CRO — looking to learn more about leadership and revenue generation. 

Next week will resume the flow of weekly emails—handcrafted by yours truly—that can be expected to hit your inbox every Thursday evening (instead of Sunday). Until then, enjoy your evening and here are 7 things I thought were worth sharing this week. Sit down, grab a cup of herbal tea and enjoy. 

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Leadership 😬

1. I’m busy building a new team right now. And I’m keen to learn from mistakes in the past and read this helpful article on helping your team becoming more comfortable with conflict.  

2. It should be no surprise that we all lose our motivation. As a leader we worry (if you care!) a lot about our employees well-being and motivation. Here are 4 reasons good employees lose their motivation


3. Are you thinking of marketing/ selling to developers? The concept of marketing to developers is more and more prominent. How do the strategy and tactics you employ differ. How technical do you have to be? While marketing a product to developers may be different in many ways, there are many similarities, says the CMO of Twilio, Sara Varni. 

4. Honest CRO advice for SaaS Companies - interesting blog I stumbled across. 

5. I was 3 times about pricing strategy this week and read ‘A Guide to the Competitive Pricing Strategy — For B2C and B2B’. 

Well-being 🧠

6. Highly recommended: Make Time: How to focus on what matters every day Kindle Edition a book by by Jake Knapp (Author), John Zeratsky (Author). 

7. Freedom is not about speaking up but choosing when to be silent.

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New Recommendation For Your Stack 📲

Retrochat 🗣works right inside Slack. It helps you run Retrospectives and align your team on a daily basis in their workflow. 

Simple and effective retrospectives with action items that finally get DONE for all teams in Slack. Here is an overview 👈



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