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Here are 7 things I thought you’d need to know for December 14th in under 3 minutes:

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Leadership 😬

1. This week I did a fair bit of reflection on how to get the best from my team and 
increasing our productivity. It lead me to reading how to create a growth culture not a performance obsessed one

2. Stumbled across Bill Gates website (you may have seen before but I never actively looked at it…). It’s an amazing resource for book recommendations. Here are his top 5 for the holiday season. You should also check out his NetFlix Inside Bill's Brain - the sheer volume of reading he does is phenomenal. 

3. Do you ever get that feeling like no matter how hard you work, you just can’t keep up? Granular read on how to manage the queue of queues.


4. 75 Key Sales Statistics That'll Help You Sell Smarter (useful to share with your sales and marketing teams, or pick relevant ones for an upcoming presentation). 

5. Are you looking for inspiration on 2020 planning and strategy? Look no further than reading about the biggest B2B marketing trends.

6. Why Lead Volicity Rate (LVR) is the most important metric in SaaS.

Well-being 🧠

7. From the archive: 10 habits of unsuccessful people you don’t want to copy.

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🤔 q&a: what are the best interview questions to ask candidates, as a hiring manager?

I'm busy recruiting again at the moment. I started my career in recruitment and picked up some excellent tips during that period of my career.

Recruiting is hard.

Finding the right person is hard. I was asked this during the week from another CRO in SaaS.

> Here are my go-to questions that always work: 

+ How did the culture at your last company empower or disempower you?

+ What where the characteristics of the best boss you’ve ever had?

+ Describe how you’ve had a conflict with a co-worker?

+ What kind of feedback do you expect in this role and how often do you expect it 

+ What do you want to do differently in your next role?

+ Among the people you've worked with, who do you admire and why?

+ What are you really good at, but never want to do anymore?

+ What were the traits of the best boss you've ever had?

+ What were the traits of the worst boss you've ever had?

+ What was the reason you were hired in your last role? And have you achieved that since you joined? 

+ When have you felt the lowest in your career? Did you realize how you felt in the moment? How did you respond?

+Why are you here? 

Many years ago I wrote a blog post aimed more for candidates and how to be successful at interviews. 

You can find the [Updated] Secrets for Interview Success here.


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