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Here are 7 things I thought you’d need to know for October 12th in under 3 minutes:

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Leadership 😬

1. A question I ask myself a lot is: Am I being a good manager (here is a great summary download on the essentials of management from First Round).

2. Reading Trillion Dollar Coach

3. Do you have a board meeting in the coming weeks? This may help: How to get investors to read your emails by Dave Bailey. Lot's of application outside of this use case. 

4. I'm a Liverpool fan (sorry!). Football analogies in leadership can be polarising, I'm aware it does not appeal to all. However, this piece on on Jurgen Klopp's: 5 Lessons in leadership provides a great reminder of the important qualities to drive high performance. 


5. A LinkedIn article called Learn from my mistakes: An events edition gives actionable detail on how to execute more effectively. And common mistakes to avoid for your next B2B event. 

6. Here are 18 must join communities on content marketing.

Well-being 🧠

7.  Interesting concept: Regret Minimisation — To maximise your long-term happiness, prioritise the projects you’d most regret not having pursued by the time you’re old and looking back at your life.

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🤔 q&a: often get asked: How do you get promoted?

My take on promotions. 

  • Prove your ready for the job above you; not the job you have, that’s table-stakes.
  • Don’t be the person moaning at the water cooler. People notice. Whether you think it or not, word gets around. The most successful people always have a positive and influential mindset on everyone they meet.
  • The biggest mistake people can make throughout their career is thinking it’s all about them. It’s a balance between organisation and you. And you have to understand the balance.
  • Build internal and external networks. If you have a great attitude, deliver and act positive. Couple this with a large network of people who see it. Regardless of circumstance, people are willing to help you on your journey.
  • Perception is more important than you think. People can receive a bad perception in an instant. Make sure you realise.
And finally, in any situation see things as they are not worse than they are. The most successful people always remind themselves of perspective

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