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Leadership 😬

1. Being able to learn rather than being right is critical for modern leadership. This falls into the bucket of conscious leadership principles which is a fascinating concept. 

2. Leadership requires immense mental strength and mantra's and will help you perform at your peak!


3. Hack: Here's how to email like a CEO.

4. I often get asked what’s the best marketing team structure to scale in B2B and here is my answer

5. The most common SaaS marketing mistakes (definitely been guilty on a few of these ones). 

Well-being 🧠

6. Stumbled across a few pieces of great advice from an old Evernote project that will help your mindset and well-being in work. 

Send fewer emails. Email creates email. The more you send, the more you’ll receive. A number of years ago, a colleague of mine experimented with sending less email – his inbox diminished quickly. You could even experiment with one day of the week where emails simply are not sent internally and see how this works for your team.

Challenge your rules. Some rules are good and necessary, but many rules hold organisations and talented people back. Go on a crusade to eliminate the unnecessary rules in your business; remove the shackles that stifle creativity and passionate energy. If you’re a team leader, make a specific time and space (in your team meetings) for people to challenge the rules. Dumb rules kill ingenuity, passion, innovation and a host of powerful values in the name of conformity and rules for the sake of rules.

7. I've loved Zen Habits for several years - here is another classic: The Zen Habits Guide to Spending Your Time Intentionally.

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