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Here are 7 things I thought you’d need to know for June 20th in under 3 minutes:

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Leadership 😬

1.This week I've been part of a series of workshops on culture alignment and how to build trust outside of your own department.  How Good Leaders Give Advice (HINT: They don't) was shared afterwards which promotes coaching (and something we forget to focus on!).  

🤔 Another interesting caveat was listening to a Podcast on coaching. The stats were interesting. 62% of people feel their manager fails to provide coaching. Whereas 86% of leaders feel they are 'excellent' at coaching. (I can't recall source of study but was a U.S. organisation of circa 100+ employee's). One to think about! 

2. I also read Matthew Kelley's The Dream Manager: Acheive Results Beyond Your Dreams by Helping Your Employees Fulfill Theirs. A useful reminder of how to drive high performance in teams and individuals.


3. A helpful way to manage sales rep performance. (It's an app) But I've adapted the premise internally to measure rep outputs in a more granular fashion.

4. Rebuilding a website? Here are good benchmarks of some of the best in 2019.

5. Another nail in the coffin of the BANT process.

Well-being 🧠

6. A helpful mantra on how to start breaking bad habits. 

Emotional response is a tough thing to change, but it can be done, and regulating your emotions is a lot like forming other kinds of habits: To start, focus on the desired outcome, and then pick a behavior to help you get there.

The Psychological Concepts That Make You Better at Breaking Bad Habits

7. From my archives: It’s really hard to hold yourself accountable when it comes to productivity. There are no shortcuts. But here are 8 Productivity Experts on the Tricks They Use to Hold Themselves Accountable. 
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🤔 q&a: Bored with MQL’s and Adding Value? 5 Ways to Stay a Relevant CMO and Marketer?

 1. Why MQLs are Irrelevant (and How to Make Them Relevant)

Most marketers begin bylooking at ‘how do we build a framework’ around Marketing Qualified Leads. This isn’t a bad thing. But the current MQL framework is in dire need of a shakeup.

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) are normally determined on what web pages somebody visited, what they’ve downloaded, and engagements through a variety of channels. Normally built from a marketing automation lens. This is a mistake. In my experience you see the marketing leader building an automation funnel and tech architecture with a consultant or MA specialist. This is normal to one extent. But watch out to not fall into the trap of MQL vanity.

The above approach is growing in irrelevance in the eyes of most CEOs.
For MQLs to benefit your business, as marketers, we must change our line of thinking and not purely present MQL numbers reports. Most people in the business don’t even know what they mean. Some marketers don’t even know what ‘they’ mean by MQL.

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