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Here are 7 things I thought were worth sharing this week:

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Leadership 😬

1. Dave Bailey’s advice on CEO leadership and coaching always contains real practical examples. This piece on how to manage a team of owners is no different.  

2. This week I read Persuadable by AL Pittampalli, which I’ve had on my Kindle backlog for quite some time. It teaches you an alternate theory on how changing your mind is a GOOD thing; when in leadership roles. And why all the best leaders follow this approach


3. Helpful list (well 61 strategies to be precise!) on lead generation - useful to share with your team. 

4. Instagram for B2B - are you mad? Maybe not. How to use Instagram to sell products should get you started

5. I was helping to redesign our elevator pitch this week. I’ve always followed this simple structure for your sales comms / pitch. Give it a go it really helps focus on snappy delivery with impact. 

✅ Here’s what I got
✅ Here’s what it will do for you
✅ Benefit 1, 2, 3
✅ Here’s what I want you to do 

Well-being 🧠

6. Saw a post on LinkedIn sharing an oldie but goodie. The purpose of life is not happiness but usefulness

7. It’s really hard to hold yourself accountable when it comes to productivity. There are no shortcuts. But here are 8 Productivity Experts on the Tricks They Use to Hold Themselves Accountable

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