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Here are 7 things I thought you’d need to know for May 16th in 3:00 minutes:

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Leadership 😬

1. The most potent motivator. It’s progress by David Burkus. 

2. The biggest tip I always pass on for hiring. Always ‘trust your gut - ruthlessly’. It’s always right. Don’t take the short-cut to thinking it will work out. Consider these six traits to look for when deciding who to hire

3. I’m a big advocate of learning something new everyday. Well, this is a more entertaining way to satisfy that need. 


4. I’m devouring The SaaS Sales Method: Sales As a Science (Sales Blueprints Book 1) Kindle Edition by Jacco Van Der Kooij, Fernando Pizarro, Dominique Levin, Dan Smith and you should too! 

5. Read this first before hiring a marketer

Well-being 🧠

6.  Do you worry about dementia as you get old? (This report gives you 6 ways to reduce your risk of dementia). 

7. A REMINDER of the 6 keys to motivation by Brendon Burchard. 

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🤔 q&a: Why are MQLs Irrelevant, why Pipeline is a Vanity Metric & why Sales Don’t Find Personas Useful? 

I recently joined the Built to Scale Podcast by Mitch Fanning and during our conversation, we discuss:
  • Why MQLs are irrelevant
  • Why sales teams don’t find personas that useful
  • If someone should own the entire marketing and sales funnel
  • If Chief Revenue Officers (CROs) will replace the CMO role
  • How first-time CMOs should approach their first 100 days, present to a board, and build a world-class team
  • The one book I give all new hires

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I've been testing for over 10 days now and thoroughly impressed (yes, some profiles are generic but it helps you think deeper around the 'standard' generic message you might send!). 

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