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Here are 7 things I thought you’d need to know for November 16th in under 3 minutes 👀 

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Leadership 😬

1. Micro-wins: celebrating progress over success 

2. I’m reading: Taking the Work out of Networking: An Introverts Guide to Making Connections that Count

3. One to share with your team. Get them thinking about the dangers of complaining with colleagues and the harm it does to collaboration.


4. I’m in the middle of 2020 strategic plans. If you need inspiration to test new tactics - look no further. Here is A Guide With 200+ Tactics Worth Testing

5. Tweak your email campaigns next week. Check out the 31 Best Event Email Subject Lines That Get Opened. A favourite: 'Not A Marketing Email' :)

Well-being 🧠

6. Regret Minimisation — To maximise your long-term happiness, prioritise the projects you’d most regret not having pursued by the time you’re old and looking back at your life. Learn about this and other mental models. 

7. From the archive: These Are the 5 Best TED Talks Ever, According to the Guy Who Runs TED - Save yourself a few hours and jump straight into the 5 best TED presentations listed from Chris Anderson, he names these five "quirky" picks. 🧿

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🤔 q&a: I am looking for book recommendations. Are there any books you would recommend that influenced your career/way you work? Thanks!?

Books in my first 12 months as an SDR (before 22) that changed my perspectives on life and business:

+ 7 Habits of Highly Successful People
+ The Charisma Myth
+ The Psychology of Persuasion
+ Giant Steps
+ Unlimited Power
+ Awaken the Giant Within
+ Million Dollar Habits
+ Advanced Selling Strategies
+ GTD David Allen
+ Goals
+ Maximum Achievement
+ The Power of Self Confidence

Key Selling Books / podcasts you MUST read:

+ Lean B2B
+ Challenger Customer
+ Challenger Sales
+ Fanatical Prospecting
+ Predictable Revenue
+ Sales Hacker Podcast

Books I've read in the last 3 months which are excellent:

+ Trailblazer - Mark Benioff
+ The Great CEO Within
+ The Infinite Game - Simon Sinek
+ The Trillion Dollar Coach - Joe Campbell
+ What I learned from losing $1M dollars
+ The Who Method for Hiring
+ Digital Minimalism
+ The Million Dollar LinkedIn Message
+ Turn the Ship Around
+ SaaS Sales as a Science
+ The Dream Manager
+ The Checklist Manifesto
+ High Growth Handbook

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