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Weekly Briefing No. 182
by Edwin Abl

Hey — It's Ed. Welcome to my weekly briefing. 

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==> In this week's briefing: 

  • What is a minimum viable audience 
  • How to simplify your value proposition 
  • A marketing strategy for SaaS companies, simplified
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1. I’m reading Super thinking: Upgrade your reasoning and make better decisions with mental models. It was recommended as one of the top ten books that will change your life. That’s too big a tease not to try out. 

2. How to leverage the power of teaching for better learning.

The steps are as follows:

✅ Pretend to teach a concept you want to learn about to a student in the sixth grade.
✅ Identify gaps in your explanation. Go back to the source material to better understand it.
✅ Organise and simplify.
✅ Transmit (optional).

3. From the archives:  A peek inside Marc Andreessen’s thoughts on productivity, reading habits and much more… 



4. [THIS LINK WAS BROKEN LAST WEEK] I wish I had come across the concept of a Minimum Viable Audience years ago. When it comes to marketing, most SaaS companies think *broad*, a big error. Yes, broad might be the end goal, just like your product. However, when gaining traction similar to products focused on MVP, GTM should think the same and build an MVA. Here is what is meant by the Minimum Viable Audience concept

5. Over the last nine months, I've been doing lots of work helping SaaS companies redefine and simplify their value propositions. You often find this is one of the top three problems needing to resolve before scaling.

Where do you start?

Well, it's easy. You need to go and interview customers (or prospects) with a set of insightful questions. You can steal these 22 questions you should be asking your customers.

6. Key trends that will matter most as Demand and ABM leaders embrace buying groups in 2022. 



7. This piece contains seven lessons and quotes from a legendary commencement speech that has stood the test of time



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 🤔 Marketing Strategy for SaaS Companies, Simplified

Go all in, building a sustainable (realistic) marketing growth plan. 

PS: This does not mean cutting spending. 

Marketing growth strategy 2020: 

1. Five+ marketing channels 
2. Large-scale programs 
3. Unlimited performance marketing spend 
4. All about demand (not conversion or customers) 
5. Broad purpose, no niche vision

You need to change your thinking to five things: 

1. Shift to program-level CAC 
2. Invest in conversion, not just demand 
3. Launch new programs iteratively 
4. Design an operating cadence (quarterly metrics / weekly tracking)
5. Build a minimum viable audience 

What's changed?

The market. Funding events. Unrealistic projections. 

It's why. 

You need to figure out what's important and go all-in in supporting those values and strategies.



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