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Here are 7 things I thought were worth sharing this week:

Sales & Marketing 👊

1. 10 Critical Sales Trends That Will Define 2019 (And Predictions) provides some useful thinking on what to focus on in 2019; to stay ahead as a revenue leader in sales and marketing. 

2. Is product the future of growth? Forget MQL’s / SQL’s; now we should be thinking about PQL’s. Another confusing layer to the mix; fad. Or will this be a secret weapon to growth in 2019. I’ve spent the last few weeks looking into this approach… 

3. [AUDIO] Top Marketing Trends of 2019 with Brian Rothenberg - Key takeaway in this one: Why the top of the funnel will shrink in 2019 and what it means for marketers. Favourite quote: There was a lot of hype around the term growth hacker. I hate it. I think it implies you can sprinkle some magic fairy dust and growth will happen.

Leadership 🗣

4. [VIDEO] Confessions of a recovering micro-manager. In a funny talk packed with wisdom and humility, Huang shares the cure for micromanagement madness -- and how to foster innovation and happiness at work.

5. 10 MANAGEMENT SKILLS YOU NEED FOR BUILDING A GROWTH MINDED TEAM - Management doesn’t need to feel like riding a unicycle for the first time. It won’t be easy, and it won’t work out perfectly…right away. But this list of management skills will help smooth out some of the road bumps you’re sure to face along the way.

Well-being 🧠

6. Using Mantra’s to Build powerful Mental Strength - Use the simple tool of speaking good things to yourself, even if you don’t believe the words. And do it a lot. It is a continual practice. With persistence, you will start to feel it. 

7. To create a habit, tell a good story - Stories are important for selling, for marketing, for life, for communication. But have you ever thought about the inner story for yourself? The story you tell yourself about your habit matters more than most people realise.

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