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Here are 7 things I thought you’d need to know for June 13th in under 3 minutes:

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Leadership 😬

1. Please encourage your teams to stay OFF email.  

2. A 10-Year Study Reveals What Great Executives Know and Do.


3. Mary Meeker releases her 333-page Internet Trends 2019 report showing the latest trends across the internet, e-commerce and the economy. I love reading this each year (albeit it is very long!). 

4. Mary Meeker summary if you can’t stomach the full deck.

5. One key marketing point. You have to make sure your content strategy is highly visual. The report highlights the power of imagery in your content marketing. 

"People have always been visual – our brains are wired for images. Writing was a hack, a detour. Pictorial languages are how we all started to communicate – we are coming full circle." Kevin Systrom – Instagram Co-Founder, 5/19 

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Well-being 🧠

6. Well-being was a topic raised for the first time in Meeker’s report. Not a huge shock but we’re ‘constantly’ online. The chart below details the tension of positive and negative impacts on our health from social media. 

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7. Technological changes are exponential. The stress of keeping up is now compounding (the constant worry of not keeping up). We all need to learn faster it seems - finding efficiencies to learning and well-being can cause friction. How we cope with that in the coming years will be an interesting dynamic. 

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🤔 q&a: are mql's irrelevant?
While establishing a set of guidelines for what necessitates a business's most qualified leads (MQLs) isn’t a bad thing, the current MQL framework is in dire need of a shakeup.

Currently, marketers determine their most qualified leads (MQLs) based on what web pages somebody visited, what they've downloaded, and engagements with the business's content.  

The above approach is growing in irrelevance in the eyes of most CEOs. For MQLs to benefit a company, as marketers, we must change our line of thinking and rid ourselves of the notion that the current standards are finite. Instead, the factors that dictate an MQL should mould to the unique circumstances of a given business and target market. 

I think it's essential when deciding who qualifies as an MQL, that marketers think about how it ties into sales and revenues.

However, in many companies, there's a disconnect between marketing and sales that leads to stagnant, one-dimensional techniques like MQLs. This growing issue is evident in other marketing models and practices, such as 'adding value' and buyer personas. As such, many marketing leaders find themselves operating on an island, separated from the rest of their company – as opposed to an indispensable cog in a finely tuned machine.

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