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Here are 7 things I thought you’d need to know for August 15th in under 3 minutes 👀

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Leadership 😬

1. Being an effective leader means being an effective presenter. It’s something that does not come 100% natural so I revisited notes from an old training session, a useful check-list: 

Stay calm, stay in control, remain deliberate in what you’re offering the other person/people.

✅ Who are your audience?
✅ What is your big idea?
✅ What is the goal of the presentation?
✅ What is your content going to be?
✅ How do you want to Start… and Finish? (Write an Intro & a Conclusion)

☑️ How are you going to deliver it? (Psychological Actions, What Media are you using, Core Emotions, Values, Posture, Gesture, Giving the Gift, Eye Contact, Voice etc.)

2. Helping your direct reports become better leaders is critical to being successful. This post on 10 MANAGEMENT SKILLS YOU NEED FOR BUILDING A GROWTH MINDED TEAM is powerful to share with your team. 


3. An often neglected area of B2B marketing is ‘tone of voice’. This post called Tone of Voice: The B2B budget multiplier explains why you need to invest time, energy and thought into getting it right. 

4. How to build a strategic narrative.

5. Entering the 2H of the year with high revenue goals. This will help your sales team send better proposals

Well-being 🧠

6.  The way people use their technology has changed over time. A mindful approach to technology is useful.

7. From the archives: The purpose of life is not happiness but usefulness

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🤔 q&a: If I take a leadership training program, will I evolve as a good leader? 

No. But it will certainly help provide awareness of how you should approach leadership. It massively depends on the content.

My advice.

Take time to listen to your reports. The deliberate practice of listening to your team and getting insights/ feedback will make you learn to become a better leader. It may be hard but you will learn a lot.

Learn something about leadership every day. Start reading relentlessly. Consume leadership content from the best authors, thought leaders and peers. This will exponentially scale your knowledge.

The action on a leadership quality, every day. All that you learn is nothing without action. Set goals each day for an action you can take around what you are learning, reading and being trained on within your business. Be thoughtful and plan ahead how to best influence others.

✍️ Read more answers like this on Quora 

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