Welcome to the weekend! As fear of the Coronavirus spreads globally—it’s important more than ever for you, as a leader to step up, communicate effectively and ensure the well-being of employees. At the same time, you can inspire your team that it's an opportunity for building new, more innovative working practices—truly embracing remote working models and testing the benefits to productivity / well-being. 

I hope everyone keeps safe and sound during this unique period we are all facing. 

Here are 7 things I thought you’d need to know for March 14th in under 3 minutes: 👀 

Leadership 😬

1. I read this super practical guide to management by Julie Zhuo called The Making of a Manager. Albeit, a few obvious points (for experienced managers) it still provides several reinforcement and new take-aways; to implement for your next set of 1:1’s or team all hands. 

2. Since Jan, I have been testing getting up at 5am and reading for 1 ½ hours before the gym. It’s transformed my mentality! At the same time I had the book Miracle Morning recommended last week. If you want to rethink your routine make sure you give it a read! 

3. Use the system to become a better manager - I find that there's a lot of room for managers to have a more bespoke, personal approach that persists through cycles and organisational changes. 


4. I’m digging into brand narratives at the moment. How do you create an emotional connection to your brand and product - here are three tools Netflix used to build its world class brand. 

5. Delivering effective content marketing that moves the needle on buying behaviours is more difficult than ever before. Did you know that b2b buyers consume on average 13 pieces of content before deciding on a vendor

6. Why it’s important to review your metrics on deal velocity rates

Brain Stuff 🧠

7. Not all tasks are created equal. Use the Pareto principle to simplify your life.

. . .

One more thing...Thanks for reading.

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🤔 Q&A: I get asked what ABM tools are worth considering in your tech stack?  here is the answer... 

ABM (or Account Based Marketing) is one of the hottest trends in the MarTech stack right now.

It defines a new category and approach to engagement. But how you implement these tools in an already crowded stack is a huge consideration — especially when you consider issues around Marketing Automation tool adoption.

Is the ultimate decision to get rid of the clunky MA tools and fully embrace ABM tools, or simply find a neat way to seamlessly integrate them into your workflow. The ones that embed in workflows will be the winners in this category, as far as I am concerned.

Looking to see which ones you should be using in 2019 to have your team’s most profitable and successful year yet?

Here are 10 account-based marketing tools worth a test drive 🚀

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