Come Stay at the Haunted Windward Hotel
ALTERnetREALITY & Mikrotone Entertainment Present...
Windward Hotel
a Transmedia Experience
A newlywed couple get snowed in on their honeymoon at the ‘Windward Hotel’. They begin experiencing contact with the ghost of a young girl desperately trying to deliver a message from beyond the grave. With the help of the audience, that cryptic message will be decoded, and the answers may haunt us forever.

Windward Hotel will be an experience you can participate in through several outlets.
First of which will be to attend showings at The Publick House in Chester NJ. Once you walk upstairs and into the Hotel, you become part of the show. As the characters of the show move through the story, you get to aid the journey by solving the cryptic puzzles left behind by the ghost haunting the hotel. Guests will enjoy dinner and drinks prepared by the 2009 Hell’s Kitchen Champion Dave Levey.
Once that pervasive run is complete, ALTERnetREALITY is working to stream Windward Hotel to Movie Theaters across the country.
Locations to be announced soon!

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