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MPET on the move!

MPET is ramping up its efforts in the relocation of its operations from Delwaidedock at the right bank to Deurganckdock at the left bank in the Port of Antwerp. 

Since 18 April, all Transatlantic services are already being handled at the left bank. By end 2016, all MPET activities will be fully concentrated at the new terminal at Deurganckdock.

The five new ZPMC mega-cranes that were delivered at the end of 2015 will soon be fully functional, giving the terminal an added operational edge. On top of this, three existing cranes are being shifted from the right bank to the left, a move accompanied by the transfer of additional straddle carriers. The equipment is being transferred by barge and prepared for use in operations over the next few weeks.

The new MPET terminal on the left bank will have a handling capacity of 9 million TEUs annually, making it the single largest container terminal facility in Europe and a port of choice for the 2M shipping alliance. The terminal, which is being developed at a cost of 400 million euros, will be equipped with 41 quay cranes and 200 straddle carriers in final phase.


CY Rotterdam: launch of paperless customs concept

Waalhaven Botlek Terminal (WBT) and PSA Antwerp (PSAA) are proud to announce that a paperless Customs procedure, so called ‘e-gate concept’, is implemented on PSAA’s CY Rotterdam barge shuttle. Next to the frequency increase to 3 roundtrips/week this new feature will yield the following benefits for customers booking import containers on this product:

  • Container dwell time on the deepsea terminal can be virtually reduced to zero; enabling a smooth flow of containers to WBT in Rotterdam;
  • No more issues with expiring validity dates on transit documents;
  • ‘Easy split’ of containers on a single B/L over different barge calls;
  • Etc..

Both Belgian and Dutch Customs Authorities approved the paperless customs procedure, whereby  the transfer of containers is being organized between two different bonded warehouse licensees. Next to the 'e-gate' barge transport of import containers, also the export containers run paperless via the e-Desk connection between WBT and APCS, the Antwerp Port Community System.

For more information on this e-gate concept, please contact: psaa-cyrequest@globalpsa.com.

PSA Antwerp - 'Your Rail Gateway to France'

Since 2009 Naviland Cargo (NC) and PSA Antwerp (PSAA) gradually extended the intermodal rail portfolio between Antwerp and France. Recently the NC/PSAA partnership has been extended and the following new rail destinations are directly on offer from PSA Antwerp’s Noordzee terminal/Q913 (all with a frequency of 5 roundtrips/week):

Next to the initial CY Lyon/CY Marseille connection (also 5 roundtrips/week) this rail coverage strengthens the position of Antwerp as ‘the first port of choice for France’.

For more information on the Naviland Cargo’s rail destinations, please contact: psaa-cyrequest@globalpsa.com.

LORO connection - MPET/Q1742 - Zomerweg and v.v.

Early April 2016 IFB launched an intra-port rail concept between left bank (LinkerOever) and right bank (RechterOever), the so-called LO-RO connection. This new rail connection calls MPET/Q1742 twice a day and aims at a modal shift of intra-port truck transport towards rail, but also intends to attract maritime containers for the long-haul rail connections handled at the Zomerweg rail terminal (e.g. to/from Spain, Italy, Switzerland, etc.).
For more information on this new rail connection and inquiries, please contact IFB: sales@interferryboats.be.

Beyond the Rhine – Direct rail connection to Linz (Austria)

Rail&Sea and PSA Antwerp reached an operational agreement to welcome the Antwerp-Linz rail product in cooperation with RCA/RCL-AT directly on PSAA’s Noordzee terminal/Q913. With support of the Antwerp Port Authority this connection was recently upgraded to 4-5 roundtrips/week, with onward rail connections from Linz to Central and South-Eastern Europe.

Linz is the third-largest city of Austria and capital of the state of Upper Austria, approximately 30 kilometers south of the Czech border. Furthermore it is one of the main economic centers of Austria: steel production, industrial plants and machine construction are the backbone of this region, but also the largest logistics center in Austria boosts the economy of this region.  

For more information on this new rail connection and inquiries, check out the PSA Antwerp CY network mini-site: CY Linz.

CFS activities ongoing!

Following the 'big move' of MPET, also the PSA Antwerp CFS activities are shifting alongside.  

The relocation of the Transatlantic services has reduced the volume of cargo passing the warehouses at Q730. The Borealis warehouse will therefore be closed as from 31 May 2016. 

CFS activities remain, however, possible in direct transshipment under open sky at all our terminals and this at the known and highly appreciated speed, flexibility and quality. 

For all information and rate requests on CFS activities within the ISPS zones of our terminals, please contact psaa-commercial.cfs@globalpsa.com.


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