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jeanne bucher jaeger


Machine of entangling landscapes VIII, 2019, Gouache and watercolor on paper, 152,5 × 237 cm. © Cintra & Castro Caldas

Dear Friend(s) of the Gallery,

With more than 12 expeditions to the desert since the beginning of 2000, the experience of the Sahara is crucial to the artist Rui Moreira. As a rite of passage, filled with hardships and revelations, this desert experience has given Moreira the opportunity to push further the limits of his perceptions, both physical and sensory, even facing death twice.

Drawing incessantly after returning from his journeys, the artist sets in motion a sort of mnemonic exercise, reviving with his body in a totally instinctive way the natural cycle of his experiences and sensations, in order to convey them in all their nuances in his work. In the trance of his drawing, between ecstasy and fervor, he joins the path of Portuguese poet Herberto Helder, whom he deeply admires and whose " writing is practised as an extreme calligraphy of the worlda text that is apocalyptically physical ", which can " shake the order of the universe ", as expressed by the poet himself. 

Rui Moreira’s new desert landscapes, sometimes seas sometimes sand cathedrals carved by the wind, are composed of layered views seen from various angles, either sky maps and aerial views, these new landscape drawings reveal the invariable fractal structures of nature as designated by Mandelbrot. Seen from the sky, these sand landscapes become alive with the flow and the force of the wind carving their surfaces and recall the vast water territories recovered for  more than thousand of years ago, mixing in one breath air, earth and water.

Rui Moreira sees a connexion between his experiences in the desert and this current period of quarantine where man is stripped bare and in contact with his own mortality; an experience which made him more alive after each trip, alike Saint-Exupéry Little Prince who exclaims " what makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well ". By deliberately immersing himself in his drawing for months, Moreira modestly feeds the idea that his drawings reach out a saudade, both a nostalgic and utopian sentiment of a future collective memory.

We look forward to seeing you again when the gallery reopens to the public on June 2nd or by appointment before, and send you our best wishes until then. 

Véronique Jaeger 
Wind Cathedrals I, April-March 2020, Gel pen on paper, 101 × 153 cm
Seascape II, 2019, Watercolor on paper, 56 × 77 cm. © Cintra & Castro Caldas
Rui Moreira in the Sahara desert
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