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2nd edition
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Editorial Note

Dear Readers,

ATG is pleased to bring to you our 2nd newsletter “Palestine&Palestinians”. Responses to our first edition were encouraging and it has prompted us to work harder to improve the form and content.  In this edition, our focus is on programmes, activities and typically ATG news. Through these news items, we seek to outline and share our vision as ATG and to demonstrate how we translate our vision into a set of actions on-the-ground.  
Alternative Tourism in the context of  Palestine has necessarily to fall within broader concepts of justice, sustainability, transformational and fair tourism and, finally,  reflect the desire of the tourist or pilgrim to make the choice of  travelling differently rather than using the conformist trail.
In  our entire program, we maintain the balance between self-satisfaction and community acceptance, and our effort is to minimize and counteract the harmful impacts of tourism and negative propaganda on Palestine. Therefore, to us, Alternative tourism is also a means to raise awareness of visitors about Palestine and Palestinians.
In  this newsletter, we will share with you some concrete examples of alternative-justice tourism products that can compete against the Israeli dominated mass tourism industry that now controls and dominates the scene.  Our capacities are good enough to compete on the international market. These programs run by ATG and other partners are a model of how Pilgrims and Tourist can not merely visit and see Holy sites, but also learn about the people who live around these sites, and hear about the history of the place from a Palestinian perspective narrated by by a Palestinian guide.
No matter how alternative tourism is defined, there are opportunities for all in Palestine. Some of the options include: training for people and travellers returning to their homes to advocate for Palestinian (justice), time spent enjoying Palestinian cuisine and dance/music (cultural), tours led by locally educated Palestinian guides (sustainable), visits to ancient and modern historical sites (heritage), meetings with leaders and organizations (political), assisting farmers who can’t get to their land with the olive harvest (solidarity), home stays with families where friendships are developed (transformational), making purchases from local workshops/artisans (fair), hearing and seeing evidence of the current situation and the conditions which created it (social), hiking the Nativity trail (eco-).

We hope this newsletter and update about ATG will encourage you to re-visit Palestine and to join us on our program. Not merely to ‘come and see’ but to join a pilgrimage to witness to the ongoing struggle for survival by Palestinians.

Rami Kassis
Executive Director of the ATG

A Cross-Cultural Program

This is the ideal place to learn about the world, a kind of eternal laboratory of human hopes and fears, dreams and nightmares, love and hate, beauty and ugliness.

Olive Picking Program

Olive picking program in Palestine; a special event where support for Palestinian farmers is provided as well as granting an opportunity to people from around the world to experience Palestine under the Israeli military occupation.

Education Campaign 

Students that join this venture are exposed to various lectures, courses, meetings and fact on ground tour, as well as the possibility to experience a life changing experience

The 3rd Freedom Race

This year, the Shepherd Scout Group together with the ATG will be hosting the 3rd annual freedom race (Marathon) in the city of Beit Sahour.

News & Updates

Palestine & Palestinians Is published in Russian, making it the 6th Language for the ATG guidebook
Home Stays: Interested in Coming to Palestine? need a place to stay? Check out the ATG home-stay Program
Application: Are you into technology? then check what the ATG will publish end of April

OIKOTREE “Putting Justice at the Heart of Faith” in Johannesburg, South Africa.
World Social Forum, Tunisia, 2013 "Dignity" "الكرامة

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