One Dying Wish, One Global Experiment
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“This is the point of history where we begin to realize that we are all saying the same things in different languages…” Daniel Northcott

Come with us, Friends, for an inspiring journey and an epic experiment.  

At UNIFY, we’re passionate about the projects and opportunities that help us to expand our consciousness and illuminate our inner-connectedness. We love exploring the space between the perspective of one and the impact of many, which is why we’re excited to share two completely different opportunities with you…
Our partners at Elevate Films have created a truly impactful film called Be Brave. It is the true story of Daniel Northcott, an aspiring filmmaker, philosopher and world traveler. As a child, Daniel was on a mission to unite all people; a cause many believe he sacrificed his life for. Along his journey, Daniel filmed over 3,000 hours of footage, spanning 42 countries and 20 years of time. Daniel died mysteriously at the age of 29, and his dying wish- to complete his life’s work, his movie- became his sister, Erin’s, undying journey. 

Join us on the adventure. 

Click here to join the campaign and help make Daniel’s dying wish come true. 

"There is a whole underlying vision, philosophy, goal and a lifetime of ideas that I would like you to see someday... Please join me and learn what you already know, once and for all; we are the same, we share the same origin, the same apparatus; flesh, bone, blood. Be brave…"

Daniel Northcott knew, "We are each other's fate."

We know this, too. It is why here at UNIFY, our mission it to help bring people together. We know coming together on a global scale creates global impact. And soon, we’ll have the data to show it, too. 

On 12-12-15 at 9:30pm EST/JST, join one million children meditating for peace in the Dhammakaya of Thailand.  Our friends at The Master Shift will be amplifying this meditation globally along side 20 other meditation groups to create a Global Consciousness Experiment, and help shift our collective consciousness. 
The Princeton University founded Global Consciousness Project and the Global Coherence Initiative will be joining to measure the results of this collective meditation experiment. Results will be featured in the upcoming documentary “Awaken – Time to Evolve” produced by a London based Film Production Company called Broxstar Films.

The Master Shift is providing a free guided meditation- and you are free to use your own! Click here to sign up to attend on Facebook, and join the meditation wherever you are.

Join us, and we will see how our interconnectedness and consciousness impact our world.

Let’s all come together and create a master shift.
~Your UNIFY Team
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