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June 2022
Benefits of Chromebooks
Emergency Calls Safety Reminder
IT Staff Spotlight: Susan Brand

New and Notable

Benefits of Chromebooks

Thinking of purchasing a new laptop? Perhaps your current device has seen better days or you’re struggling to decide between the many available options on the market. Some divisions may want extra laptops on hand for visitors, affiliates, contingent workers, or forgetful staff. Whatever the use case may be, Chrome devices are perfect for education and business, cost-effective, and secure. Berkeley Lab IT is here to help explain the benefits of selecting a Chromebook for your next workstation. Reading time: 10 minutes

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Emergency Calls Safety Reminder

The Berkeley Lab desk telephone system is set up so callers dialing 911, 9911, or 7911 will be routed to the UCPD dispatch center and the location and phone number of the line you are dialing from will be provided. For personal or Lab cell phones, call 911. Soft phones are not recommended for emergency calls. For 24/7 non-life-threatening emergency reporting, call the Site Operations Center at (510) 486-6999 (x6999 from a Lab desk phone). 

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IT Staff Spotlight: Susan Brand

Profile photo of Susan Brand, Graphic Designer at Berkeley Lab.
Celebrate retiree Susan Brand, Graphic Designer at Berkeley Lab. 

Susan Brand is a Graphic Designer in the IT Creative Services group at Berkeley Lab. She has collaborated with staff across the Lab to craft a portfolio of beautiful, high quality visual communications resources since 2013. After 9 years at the Lab and over 40 years working in the design industry, Susan is moving forward and retiring on June 23, 2022. Continue reading to view highlights from her body of work and what she'll miss most about the Lab. Reading time: 5 minutes

Q&A with Susan »

New and Notable

Google Workspace Updates

Animated gif demonstrating improved keyboard shortcuts in Google Drive. (Credit: Google)
Improved keyboard shortcuts in Google Drive using the Chrome browser. (Credit: Google)

In the new Google Sites, a long-awaited feature to import existing custom themes from one site to another is now available. This change makes it easier to reuse themes in alignment with the Lab’s brand guidelines and organizational style across various sites. Additionally, site editors can embed content as a full page from the following sources: custom code, other websites, and Google apps, such as Maps and Docs. Previously, editors could only add these elements as part of a page. This update provides more flexibility to display embedded content. 

Google Docs now includes the ability to make multiple text selections at once, and apply actions such as delete, copy, paste, or format to all selections. First, select one section of text then hold the Ctrl key for PC or Command ⌘ on Mac to select more text. This update will increase productivity and make formatting and editing documents faster by eliminating the need to make repetitive changes.

Lastly, using Google Drive in the Chrome browser, staff can cut, copy and paste files using keyboard shortcuts. The familiar keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + C (or ⌘ + C on Mac), Ctrl + X and Ctrl + V to copy, cut, and paste Drive files will save time by allowing more efficient organization of files with fewer clicks. 

***Coming soon*** Though not yet available in the Lab’s Workspace, Google Calendar is rolling out improved email notifications for Google Calendar invites. The new emails will include more accessible and useful details. When an event is modified, such as a time or location change, the notifications will also display both the old and updated information.

Final Migration of the IT Site

On June 10, 2022, the IT Division completed the final migration of all content from the legacy Commons website. The old site is no longer available for access and any links should now automatically forward to an equivalent page on the new site at Report errors or feedback to

IT Directory Resource

The IT website features a new Directory page with searchable links and contact information for common IT resources. Send feedback to

Animated gif conveying location and demo of the IT Directory page.

ⓘ Need IT Assistance?

The Help Desk team provides technical computer support for the Berkeley Lab community.

Contact for questions or suggestions for the IT Newsletter. Check out One Minute for IT for slides summarizing frequently accessed services.
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