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February 2022

Autofocus for X-ray Crystallography: How AutoML Targets Samples at the ALS
Expanded Verizon Coverage for Lab Hill
How to Access Library Resources

New and Notable Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accountability (IT-IDEA) Key Dates


Partnering is the common thread in this month's newsletter. From partnering with ALS scientists to use new machine learning techniques, to partnering with Verizon to expand cellular coverage on the Hill.  From partnering with UCB to deliver library services, to partnering with local community colleges and nonprofits to foster and develop a diverse IT workforce, IT is committed to working with the Lab and our community to move us forward. The incredible ecosystem of computing expertise at the Lab only works through partnerships - and we're excited to continue to help build them. 
-as (Adam Stone, CIO, IT Division).

Google Cloud Platform autoML loop detection graphic

Autofocus for X-ray Crystallography: How AutoML Targets Samples at the ALS

Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) frameworks aim to automate tasks so non-experts can take advantage of machine learning on a large scale. After an attempt to write a ML program from scratch, Dr. Classen reached out to collaborate with ScienceIT consultants Shawfeng Dong and Fengchen Liu to use AutoML machine learning for the LoopDHS project. As part of the effort, IT student intern Jordan Jung developed a training dataset for the model to improve the accuracy. This article focuses on using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) AutoML to illustrate how easy and quick it is to train and deploy a computer vision model for object detection. Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

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Aerial photograph showing the Advanced Light Source (ALS) located in Building 6, and the surrounding buildings including Buildings 15, 80, and 2 at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California, 02/11/2012.
Lab users will now experience greatly improved cell service in the Lab's Hill site buildings and outdoor areas. (Credit: Thor Swift/Berkeley Lab)

Expanded Verizon Coverage for Lab Hill

The IT Division is happy to announce completion of a multi-year cellular coverage expansion project with Verizon. Verizon users will now experience greatly improved cell service in the majority of the Lab's Hill site buildings and outdoor areas. Learn more about discounts offered to qualifying users. Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

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The Reading Lounge (54-002) located in the lower section of the cafeteria. (Credit: Berkeley Lab)

How to Access Library Resources

The Lab’s Research Library offers personal research services, a collaborative catalog, science databases, electronic journals and books. Michael Golden, Senior Librarian, aids scientists in conducting their research by providing access to responsive and timely information. 

The Reading Lounge (54-002) located in the lower section of the cafeteria remains open. Staff and affiliates who are working off-site may still borrow materials; return is available at all UC Berkeley Library locations. Learn more about how to find, check out, request, and return books. 
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New and Notable

Report social engineered phishing incidents

The Berkeley Lab Cyber Security group reports a new variety of social engineered phishing scams. In this new variety, attackers impersonate the name of real Lab staff or colleagues, including senior leaders or supervisors. View real examples and tips for recognizing and reporting incidents.

Ship ergo and tech accessories to your home

View the Lab's catalog of telework accessories and equipment available for shipping to your home, with supervisor approval. 

Protect your digital identity with LastPass 

LastPass is a password manager to help users protect their online identities. The extension resides in your browser and helps store, manage, and provide login information to web applications.  

Install BigFix to help manage inventory

Property Management and IT use BigFix to certify the existence of DOE tagged assets. BigFix can also help monitor and patch computers.

Add formatting to your Google Chat messages

Google Chat messages now feature rich formatting, such as bold, italics, or underlines. 

ARO is now Records Management Office (RMO)

The IT Division Archives and Records Office (ARO) is now the Records Management Office (RMO). The name change reflects a more current approach to the office's function: managing records that document Berkeley Lab's work.  

Learn about the Lab's brand, logo, and color palette

For an introduction to the Lab’s brand, logo, and color palette, check out this educational workshop held in 2020 by Cait Youngquist and Susan Brand from Creative Services.

Join the UC Tech Slack community

UC Tech is a community-oriented Slack workspace centered on IT topics. Slack is a messaging application with useful features such as app integrations, file sharing, and group chat. Lab staff working in technology are welcome to join to find and share knowledge from across the system. 

IT Staff Spotlight: Tammy Campbell

“Pay it Forward'' is the motto and backbone of the IT Support Services group led by Tammy Campbell. Many of the front line support staff started out as interns and stayed to become career staff members, including IT Workstation and Help Desk support who engage directly with Lab staff to resolve everyday technical issues. Tammy developed close partnerships with local high schools and colleges to help craft curriculum for future generations of professionals and establish a talent pipeline of interns for the Lab. A dedicated focus on community education, mentorship, and outreach form the focus of Tammy’s effective leadership. Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

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Career Journey of a Cyber Security Engineer

The Talent Outreach office sought volunteers to speak at the virtual 2022 National Labs & Government Agencies Fair hosted by Oregon State University. Michael Smitasin, IT-IDEA Committee member, joined on January 19 to present the Career Journey of a Cyber Security Engineer

"This was a really cool experience, especially the Q&A portion afterward. I believe LBL folks could attend to answer questions even without a dedicated presentation session, and it was a nice opportunity to casually share about each person's corner of the Lab. I was really surprised by how many people worked in a field other than what they got their degree in, even the scientists!"  Visit to learn about more ways to get involved and represent the Lab. 

Key Dates

February 14-18, 2022 | Celebrate UC Love Data Week
Celebrate UC Love Data Week and register for workshops from February 14-18, 2022. Berkeley Lab staff are invited to attend and gain hands-on experience on topics such as R, Python, Data Visualization, Intro to Tableau, Creating an Effective Data Management Plan, and more. 

February-March 2022 | Register for D-Lab Workshops
ScienceIT @ LBL partnered with D-Lab to offer training to Lab staff, including introductions to R, Python, Bash and Git. Space is limited so please register to reserve a seat. 
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