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July 2022
Be Careful about Financial Adviser Solicitations
Ask IT Q&A
New and Notable Key Dates
Messages from colleagues at a retirement event. (Credit: Berkeley Lab)
Messages from colleagues at a retirement event. (Credit: Berkeley Lab)

Be Careful about Financial Adviser Solicitations 

It’s a busy season for staff opting to retire. Be cautious about unauthorized financial adviser solicitations claiming to provide consultation for retirement or pension benefits. Misleading messages delivered through email and phone calls have recently been reported by UC retirees and Berkeley Lab employees. Carefully assess all unexpected requests before acting. Reading time: 5 minutes

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Ask IT Q&A

Do you have an IT question or comment to share with the Lab community? Ask IT is a new Q&A column we're piloting to refine IT services and encourage engagement.

  1. Are we allowed to agree to the terms and conditions with enabling Google Analytics for our Lab websites?
    • ANSWER 1: IT Policy has concluded that Google Analytics, less the targeted tracking, is acceptable and covered by the existing UC privacy and Berkeley Lab Terms and Conditions. For help with analytics, contact Creative Services
  2. We're holding a virtual meeting and need all poster session participants, most of whom are not Lab employees or affiliates, to turn in their posters to us ahead of time. I created a Google Form but why is the “File Upload” question unavailable?
    • ANSWER 2: The File Upload option is not currently available for forms located in a Shared Drive. Move the form to My Drive to enable the ability to upload files. A shortcut to the response folder can be added to a Shared Drive if needed. Once the form is closed, it can be stored in a Shared Drive. Consider joining the Google Users Group for more tips and peer advice.
      Google Forms error indicating that File Upload questions are not supported in Shared Drives.
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New and Notable

Operations Web Contacts

The Operations Area Divisions websites are the primary portal for access to essential business services for Berkeley Lab. Site managers and Strategic Communications are working together to support web maintenance and ensure relevant content is served to users. Please let us know how we can improve the Ops web experience by emailing the designated contacts listed at

An ad hoc option for dynamic feedback is also located at the bottom of every Operations Division page featuring a thumbs up/down button and comment function. 

Google Workspace Updates

New text formatting options in Google Forms.

Google Forms rolled out the option to customize font style and sizing separately for headers and body text. Rich text formatting like bolding, italicizing, hyperlinks, and lists is also available for form headers, questions, and descriptions. 

In new Google Sites, users can adjust spacing between content. Compact, Cozy, or Comfortable options provide more visual controls for complex sites.

Lastly, email notifications for content changes to Google Docs can now be configured on a per file basis. This update allows users to specify which comments and changes to be notified about and can be managed under Tools > Notification Settings.

Key Dates

Introduction to Open OnDemand on Lawrencium

Join ScienceIT on July 28 for a virtual workshop introducing Open OnDemand (OOD), a new High Performance Computing portal supported by NSF. OOD is the easiest way to access Lawrencium and other dedicated research clusters at Berkeley Lab through an interactive server and GUI apps like Jupyter Notebook, Matlab and RStudio. Advance registration is required

Date: Thursday, July 28, 2022
Time: 3:00PM – 4:30PM Pacific
Zoom Meeting: A link will be available upon registration.
Prerequisite: A Lawrencium user account is preferred but not required. No previous experience with HPC is necessary. Contact for any questions.

Register for the OOD Workshop »

Zoom Security Requirement Postponed

The requirement to enable security options for Berkeley Lab Zoom meetings is postponed until further notice. AV is working with Zoom to determine the current number of unsecured meetings and assess the impact on Lab users, in particular for staff who manage meetings for their supervisors. 

ⓘ Need IT Assistance?

The Help Desk team provides technical computer support for the Berkeley Lab community.

Contact for questions related to the IT Newsletter.
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