Editor's Picks: Ross Andersen asks if pondering on the possibility of human extinction will make a difference to our future survival, Helen Macdonald uncovers the secret life of an MI5 spymaster and his fondness for cuckoos, and Tom Chatfield examines our intimate relationship with digital technology. Is this email not displaying correctly? Open it in your browser

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Editor's Picks


When we peer into the fog of the deep future what do we see – human extinction or a future among the stars?

Ross Andersen 


Nest of spies

The cuckoo is both an icon of Englishness and a symbol of suspicion and deceit — a perfect pet for an MI5 officer, then

Helen Macdonald 


Cyborg dreams

Digital gadgets are the first thing we touch in the morning, and the last thing we stroke at night. Are we slaves to their magic?

Tom Chatfield 

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James Palmer exposes the generation gap in China, Julian Baggini wonders if it’s sacrilege to burn a book you don’t read or need, and Nigel Warburton argues the case for the ideals of cosmopolitanism.

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