Free streaming on March 8th, International Women's Day!
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International Women's Day

is Saturday, March 8th!

Lost In Living will be available to stream for free on-line for 24 hours on March 8, 2014 to coincide with International Women's Day. This will be a Global Web Screening Event and an opportunity to share Lost In Living with women around the world. Women's stories need to be accessible and this will be a unique and exciting moment for everyone to take part in the conversation about balancing family, work and creative passion.

The link to the film is the following:

It will become active on March 8th, for 24 hours beginning at 8:00 am PST time. Below are instructions on how to host the screening on your website.

If your group is holding a live, in person screening event, please email us ( and we will send you additional materials. 

Please email us with photos, comments and video after you've seen the film so we can share on the newsletter and facebook page. And please like the facebook page here if you haven't already done so. It is a great way to keep updated on all the information about the film. 

To embed Lost In Living on your website or Facebook page, follow this link to access the film on vimeo: 
(the video will be made public at 8:00am PST on March 8).

Go to SETTINGS, click on "embed," and then click on "get embed code" on top right of window.
Then select the embed code to insert the Lost In Living player directly into your site.

Sharing the Web Screening on Social Media:

Share information about the global screening of Lost In Living on your social media channels, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.
Twitter: Please use the hashtag #Lostinliving for all tweets related to the event.

Template Text for Websites/Blogs/Newsletters/Email Lists:

On International Women’s Day, [INSERT YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] will participate in the Global Web Screening of Lost In Living, a new film about women, family and the art/work/life balance. Filmed over seven years, filmmaker Mary Trunk explores the hidden struggles of four artist mothers. Through intimate, verite scenes, and in-depth interviews, this film illuminates how the choice of being a mother can affect one’s art and approach to creativity. Further, the film explores parenting expectations and failures, issues of friendship and marriage, the monotony of domestic routines, and most importantly it looks at who we are in the world and how we all struggle with the balance of family commitment and personal work. Tune in during any time on March 8th at to watch Lost In Living and join a global dialogue about personal dreams and family obligations .

If you would like to partner with the Lost In Living Team and take part in the Global Web Screening Event on International Women's Day, March 8, please email us at Thank you so much for your support!


DVD's are available for sale. Please visit the website here. Screenings continue for the film and we are more than happy to work with organizations, schools, women's groups, arts groups and anyone else who would like to sponsor a screening. Please click here for a screening guide. Or contact Mary Trunk directly at Streaming and global screenings are in the works. Thank you for your continued support. Please share this newsletter and if you haven't liked the facebook page, you can go here. And if you are not a subscriber of this newsletter please join by clicking here.


House Parties have been popping up all over where small groups are screening the film in living rooms and having lively discussions about the film.  We offer a House Party Kit that includes the DVD of the film, an Extras DVD with an hour and a half of extra footage, a 23 page discussion guide, postcard invitations and a totebag.  Mary Trunk can also be available to skype after the screening and answer questions.  So please check out the House Party Kit here.  

As always many, many thanks for your incredible support and please feel free to
email anytime if you have questions or comments, you'd like to share something in the newsletter or share your work.  We love hearing from you.  
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