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The Girl Who Married a Cloud
36 x 60 / Oil on Canvas

Late one afternoon in a tropical Indonesian lagoon, I was swimming near several moored fishing canoes. A large cloud formed in the distant sky. The dichotomy of the tied boat within the expansive freedom of the sea and sky evoked this finished image. It is the story of the duality that results from the act of emotionally tying ourselves to another in a partnership or marriage. Perhaps at times limiting, but ideally expansive and freeing in that it allows us – in the knowing that we are loved no matter what – to be more of our true and authentic selves. My wife in her wedding dress served as the figure model. Making this painting even more poignant for me.

Eleanor Dreams of a Miraculous Rescue
30 x 30 / Oil on Panel

This painting evolved from a photo of my niece, Eleanor. Her pose was so confident and determined, and I knew immediately that I would use it in a larger scene, although the bigger picture wasn’t clear at the time. 6 months later, I was photographing elephants at a preserve in Bali when one laid down nearby. Just looking up with soft, kind eyes. I was imagining what kind of life a captive elephant might lead, and it was then that I remembered Eleanor’s passionate love of elephants – and the photo of her. The resulting scene became a story of innocence. Of a child’s belief that she can always protect and nurture those things that she loves the most. And a prayer that the adult Eleanor’s of the world never stop cherishing whatever calls to them.

The Carriage Ride, Circa 1890
15 x 12 / Oil on Panel

I was recently viewing paintings of upper class life in the late twentieth century, and the correlation with the imagery and my cat’s entitlement attitude became clearly evident. Perhaps this is why those of us who have cats love them so. This is no knock on their lack of physical effort beyond the pure necessities. It is very enviable. In fact, if there was an optional carriage service to move her from nap spot to the meal service site, I’m sure she would take it.

Le Provocateur
12 x 15 / Oil on Panel

Ravens and crows have long received a bad rap. A group of crows is called a “murder” and ravens fare no better. When gathered, they are called an “unkindness”. Thus was the launching point for this continuation in the animal portrait series. It’s an image I had sketched out years ago and thought of anytime I saw a suspicious looking a raven. Lurking by the docks under the partially obscured moon, he awaits any dubious opportunity with mal intent. Or perhaps he is simply a poor misunderstood bird searching for honest work.


NEW 2014 Wall Calendar Now Available!
International publisher Brush Dance has licensed 12 of Paul's paintings to create this beautiful and inspiring calendar. The printing has already sold out in advanced wholesale orders, so if you're interested we suggest you order from us soon. They also make easy and thoughtful gifts. Click HERE to view calendar details or to purchase.

Upcoming San Diego Exhibit
The La Jolla Festival of Art will be Paul's next exhibition on June 22nd and 23rd. He will be featuring several new originals as well as framed canvas and paper giclee prints for sale. Click HERE for info and directions.

Laguna Beach Festival of Arts Exhibit Opens June 30th
Paul will again be a featured artists at one of the country's premier juried fine art destinations. The venue is open 7 days a week from June 30th through August 31st. Paul is offering his collectors free passes into the exhibit (Pageant of the Masters requires a separate ticket) on an as-available basis. Contact us via email if interested. See details about the festival and events HERE.

New Art Studio - Studio Tours
Paul has recently completed his new art studio in San Clemente, CA. Later this year he will open his home and studio for what will be an annual invitation only opportunity to visit the artist's inner space and see Paul's latest works. Stay tuned for more!

New Prints Released
Several new images have been selected for release as limited edition giclee prints on paper and canvas. Click HERE to see available prints.

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