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Weekly Wave #17: September 5, 2012

School Thoughts
Our kids had their first day of school yesterday. It’s always fascinating to see what stands out for them at the beginning of the year as important or noteworthy - the things they come home wanting to share. Our ninth grader liked his classes ok, but was totally animated as he described his adventures walking around with a friend and getting lost on the expansive high school campus trying to find a classroom. Our fourth grader was just happy to be back in touch with all of his friends from last year, and talked mostly about how they all were and what they did together. And our first grader (with one month of K under his belt) liked his classroom and his teacher and his new folder with his name on it, was disappointed that they spent so much time talking about rules, and has a new friend who told him at the end of the day that she loves him. Friends are key to happiness and success, right?

Question for the Week: What do you remember most about the start of the school year? Any year!

Tip of the Day
We hope you’ve noticed and are enjoying our “teacher tip of the day” and “family tip of the day” posts - it’s been great fun thinking through them! If you’ve got a favorite tip you’d like to share, please send it in (you can be a guest tipster!), post it to our Facebook page, or Tweet to #JLNttip and #JLNftip. We’d love your new perspective!

Whatever format you’re using to follow the tips, please share any you find useful or compelling with other educators, parents, or people who interact with them. The whole point of creating this repository of suggestions is to have people implement them!

The Discussion
We started the Joyful Learning Network because we believe that it’s going to take widespread recognition and discussion of just what’s going on and what we need to do around education - a “movement” - to transform American education for the better. We’re trying to start that discussion, but need more voices to share their thoughts. Please add yours and your friends’ to the mix.

With love and joy,
Jason and Amy

To Do List
1. Tweet a joyful moment to #JLNjoy
2. Post to the JLN Facebook page
3. Send in your favorite videos/books/organizations, tips, and ideas
4. Talk about joyful learning at least once in the next week to someone new
5. Tell a friend about the Joyful Learning Network ;)

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