Joyful Learning Network Newsletter - Weekly Wave of Joy #4
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Greetings to the ever expanding Joyful Learning Network!

Joyful Learning organizations
This week we wanted to use the Wave to highlight more of the Joyful Learning organizations we provide links to on our website. We want to reiterate that there are dozens, if not hundreds of fantastic organizations already doing work in the sector, so if you know of any that aren’t listed here, please send them over so we can add them! Many of these websites are rich in content and could be a tremendous help to teachers, administrators, or parents who are interested in creating more engaging, meaningful, and playful learning environments.

At JLN, we consider the arts to be an essential part of the learning process - and they definitely make school more joyful and well rounded. Three interesting organizations doing work in this area are Harvard’s Project Zero, Little Kids Rock, and the National Art Education Association. There are many other fantastic organizations that range from local children’s art museums to national music associations. If arts are eluding you or your children (this has happened to us too!) take a moment to find the arts assets in your school and community and set up some vibrant learning this summer and fall - or check out some fantastic projects and explorations for classroom or home use.

Blog: Diversity
As highlighted in Jason’s latest blog, we believe that diversity is an important part of creating a joyful learning environment. A national organization that is legendary for its work in this area is the Southern Poverty Law Center which publishes
Teaching Tolerance . One way to bring this work home is by creating programs like the Mosaic Project, an amazing camp (and more) in the Bay Area. You may have heard of the rock star Brett Dennen. Before he became “big” he created an amazing CD of songs for the Mosaic Project (he is still deeply involved with Mosaic) that is a great tool for parents of young children (say up to age 10) or for teachers.

In the News
Here’s one
blog post (thanks, Elisabeth!) that does a really good job of demonstrating the disconnect that happens when the policy logic meets personal reality to illustrate some of the different viewpoints and feelings held by policy makers, teachers, and parents.

And finally, we received a great tip (thanks Sarah!) about a conference at UC Berkeley on “The Importance of Being Playful.” Check out
the article in our news feed
- an expert in the field is quoted as saying, “The opposite of play is not work, it’s depression.” This is especially sobering given the realities of our schools right now.

If you have been feeling a little down lately, take this message to heart. Play a game or find some of your friends and family that you love to be playful with. Take the time to reconnect with play.

With Love and Joy,
Jason and Amy

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