Joyful Learning Network Newsletter - Weekly Wave of Joy #16
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Whew, can you tell we're starting a new school year? It’s pretty obvious over here! ;) Since new things are starting all over, we thought we’d jump on in with a new project!

Joyful Learning Tips
JLN is launching a new project (!) and we encourage you to spread the word. The new school year is around the corner in Berkeley and Cambridge - and it has already started in many communities throughout the United States. In order to better promote joyful learning in the 2012-2013 school year, we now have two new pages - “Tip of the Day - Teaching” and “Tip of the Day - Families” - with both meant to spur lots of joyful learning, thinking, discussion, and action.

If you’re a teacher, a parent, or someone who interacts with parents or teachers, these pages are for you. Every teacher we reach could impact dozens of children; every parent we reach could help improve the learning environment at home; every discussion this sparks brings the prospect of Joyful Learning ever closer.

Please help us spread the word by emailing a link to the wave, the website, or the new pages on the website. It is time to rally the joyful learning (crew) and make this the Year of Joyful Learning!

Teacher Tip of the Day
JLN will tweet a regular ‘tip of the day’ (obviously, we’re shooting for daily, but please bear with our learning curve! …) to bring joyful learning to classrooms around the country. We hope that these ideas will inspire sharing on the website and within schools, and will lead to actions, both big and small, that bring joy to children and adults as they work and learn together.

Family Tip of the Day
Parents want joyful learning too! The homefront is just as much a part of this rich discussion around joyful learning as the classroom, so, on roughly the same schedule as the teacher tip, we will share a ‘tip of the day’ for parents. Topics will range from family time to conversation to homework to communication to school and beyond.

In The News
Happiness is getting a lot of press lately - local PBS station KQED, as well as other PBS stations across the US, is running a series of broadcasts about the “Happiness Advantage” (thanks, Chris!). This totally supports the JLN message - happiness and joy impact learning!

And the Network …
We are very excited about the ‘tip of the day’ concept, but also excited to continue to try to build a network- a community that shares common bonds in its commitment to joyful learning. In addition to sharing your joyful tips, please continue to send us ideas around resources and actions that you believe can expand Joyful Learning in the U.S. and the world. Thank you!

With love and joy,
Jason and Amy

To Do List
1. Tweet a joyful moment to #JLNjoy
2. Post to the JLN Facebook page
3. Send in your favorite videos/books/organizations, tips, and ideas
4. Talk about joyful learning at least once in the next week to someone new
5. Tell a friend about the Joyful Learning Network ;)

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