Joyful Learning Network Newsletter - Weekly Wave of Joy #1
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It has been a very exciting first 100 hours. The Joyful Learning Network has officially gone live, and thanks to all of you, we are already over 175 members strong!

FIRST: We want to acknowledge the amazing work our designer and friend Brynn Breuner ( did in creating the JLN logo. Thank you, Brynn!

SECOND:  We’re new to this, so we eagerly await any and all of your ideas for how to improve the website and the network and anything else about what we’re doing. Criticize away, we can take it! ;)

THIRD: We’ve started strong but still have a long way to go to reach our 1,000 subscriber goal. One reason we want to get so many subscribers so quickly is simple: traction. Joy is an easy thing to support in concept, but difficult to implement without a plan of action. That plan of action starts with making people aware of the power they have, individually and as a group, to spread joy. But it’s not just about having or knowing you have the power, it’s about feeling authorized to use it. That’s what this network exists for: to connect all the people and organizations doing amazing things so that we can all operate at higher level. So that joyful learning can stop being a new concept and start being a given.

AND FINALLY: We picture these weekly newsletters as highlighting news, research, organizations, and other joyful information that can be found on (and anything else you’d like us to include)!

News and Blogs:
Our favorite blog of the week (thanks, Andrew!) was from Nikhil Goyal, a very accomplished and forward thinking high school student in New York. One fact cited in his blog: 98% of kindergarteners test at the genius level for divergent thinking, but only 2% of high school seniors do. After reading that, how can you not read the rest?

On the news front, we found a local story from Berkeley about a collaboration between the UC Berkeley science lab, local students, and some local companies to create an amazing science and app programming experience for 50 girls to be inspiring. Don’t forget to let us know if you hear of any joyful learning news or activities in your area!

There are so many amazing things happening out there. In just a few days, we heard about an excellent organization working on 21st Century skills (thanks, Armando!), a new show with a focus on social-emotional development for children (thanks, Deirdre!), and a large social movement site focused on happiness. We hope that you can take some time to explore these sites and organizations and share their great work with friends. Do you have a favorite site or organization that exemplifies joyful learning in some way? Send it on in!

We are eagerly awaiting your videos sharing your joyful learning memories and moments, but in the meantime, we have some favorites to share. These animations of powerful TED talks are well worth the time: Ken Robinson and Daniel Pink.

The Jason Blog:
In his first blog post for JLN, Jason focused on his own joyful learning experiences – and lack thereof – and called on the greater community to “bring the joy.” In his second, Jason focused in on Berkeley Unified School District, and some key initiatives there that help illustrate joyful learning values. We encourage you to check them out – and sign up (click the little “+Follow” down at the bottom right) to receive new entries as they’re posted.

Thank you for being a part of this network - we know what the problem is … and you’re now part of the solution!

With love and joy,
Jason and Amy

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