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Weekly Wave #18: September 13, 2012

With all the Teacher / Family “Tip of the Day” activity going on, the poor Wave almost got forgotten this week!

We’ve (obviously) been seeing a lot of press about the transition from summer to school recently, but it’s notable that one of the things most mentioned is the striking difference between enjoying summer activities (which are often hotbeds for learning), and dreading the rigor of academics. Take this article, for example: “Why Can't School be more like Summer?” What does that mean? That it’s a great time to start / continue / press forward with the conversation around joyful learning!

In The News
There’s also some great stuff making the rounds about success measures like this article “‘Children Succeed’ With Character, Not Test Scores,” that talks to the concept that academics and test scores are just a small portion of what our kids experience. There’s a widening consensus that success doesn’t just mean good test scores and grades in schools, but should be taken as part of the larger picture of life choices and satisfaction. “What do we need to do to make sure our kids succeed in school?” can be a very different question from “What can we do to give our kids the tools they’ll need to succeed in life?”

Speaking of which ;) :

Question for the week: What can we do to give our kids the tools they’ll need to succeed in life?

Hands-On Learning
One of the coolest new things we’ve seen come through is the Khan Academy’s new “Projects” line of videos (thanks, Karl!). How great is it that the stuff you always thought would be cool to do (take apart) around the house is now online, with commentary from someone who actually knows and can explain what’s going on? Although it’s always fun to do it yourself, this can make projects like that even easier and more rewarding.

Thanks for continuing to be a part of our journey. We’re working hard to improve and expand what we’ve got going on … don’t worry, you’ll be the first to know when we launch the next piece! ;)

With love and joy,
Jason and Amy

To Do List
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