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How did you spend your holidays?
Are you just coming back from your favorite seaside or mountain site or did you prefer to stay at home?

As usual, when September comes, everyone is ready to start a new mission, in particular with reference to the upcoming school year.
There are still many uncertain questions on how and when schools will open again in some European countries, as well as how to cope with new learning and teaching approaches, due to the persistence of the coronavirus pandemic.
How is it going? In which way your country is managing the situation?
Tell us your experience!

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From start to finish – successfully managing European VET mobility projects

The whole ENNE partnership is currently working on the implementation of the MOOC on European Mobility in VET.  The MOOC will last 5 weeks and it will run from 16.11.2020 to 18.12.2020.

The meetings - organized by EGInA Srl, with the Italian VET Schools that are part of the ENNE Project Network - allowed participants to discuss the tools and strategies needed for the enhancement of VET quality and attractiveness, with a specific focus on mobility opportunities.


Age of young people leaving their parental household

How many differences can we find in Europe?
These ones you can verify on the map reflect the dissimilar challenges that young people face across Europe, as well as the variety of cultural particularities in the different countries.

Source: Eurostat European Commission

Shaping a COVID-19
education implementation strategy

During the past months, closing schools appeared necessary to slow down the epidemic and protect children and those surrounding them. School closures can have a negative impact on children, on learning, and increase inequalities that can be contained by implementing measures to ensure every child has sufficient resources to learn in good conditions. 
This toolkit provides education system leaders with an implementation framework and questions to consider in the development of their education responses to the COVID-19 crisis


Source: OECDiLibrary



Porto Fashion School in the spotlight!

The Portuguese newspaper “Expresso” published the interactive ranking of Portuguese schools. Among 682 schools with vocational courses, the associated partner of the Portuguese National Network of the ENNE project, Porto Fashion School, stands out. 

Entrepreneurship in school education in Bulgaria

Context of entrepreneurship teaching in Bulgaria Entrepreneurship is among the most important factors for building and developing a market economy.

School goes on – European exchange too?

With the start of the new school year, exchange projects and mobilities were supposed to be prepared and implemented in many institutions. What is possible and what is not?

Recording of the webinars on the new Erasmus+ accreditation

In recent weeks, the German National Agency offered several online events to inform about the new accreditation procedure for Erasmus+. The recordings of these webinars are now available.


High-Level Expert Live Discussion on the Renewed European Alliance for Apprenticeships

In July 2020, participants from across the EU dialed in remotely to take part in a High-Level Expert Live Discussion on the renewed European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA).
Each of these sessions explored what the renewed EAfA means from the perspective of different stakeholder groups. These sessions discussed:
  • The role of businesses and apprentices
  • The role of regions, chambers and VET providers
  • The role of social partners

 European Skills Agenda for sustainable competitiveness, social fairness, and resilience
The post-2020 European policy framework on VET was discussed at the high-level joint Cedefop/ETF virtual conference ‘Enhancing European cooperation in VET: looking back – planning ahead’, on 30 June and 1 July 2020. 
The conference highlighted that current economic and societal changes – digitalisation, green deal, demographic shifts, economic uncertainty – place VET in the foreground as a flexible means of preparing people for a changing world of work. Continuing VET (CVET) is critical for upskilling and reskilling EU citizens and creating a dynamic workforce, ready to respond to the economic and societal challenges ahead, and allow a smooth transition to a digital and greener economy.

Source: European Commission


 European Vocational Skills Week: are you ready?

The ENNE Project has been contacted by European Vocational Skills Week that will take place from 9th to 13th November 2020 in Berlin.
The EVSW is an annual event during which local, regional or national organisations showcase the best of vocational education and training (VET) – a sector capable of empowering all people with the skills they need for a fulfilling personal and professional life. 


Promoting VET Teachers’ Mental Health and Wellbeing

The problem of teachers’ wellbeing has been recently brought to the forefront of the agenda for improving quality of vocational education and training in Europe.

Erasmus Duaal

Erasmus Duaal is a rather atypical Erasmus+ KA1 project. It attracts participants from various training programmes (such as hospitality and catering, care or construction) and from all over the country. 


EGInA Srl, based in Italy, it is a private consultancy and training agency, operating in the field of EU projects and grants.
European Center for Quality Ltd., based in Bulgaria, it gives highly professional consultancy help to its clients thanks to its qualified and experienced employees and using the rich international experience and know-how of its partners.
Arts & Skills is based in Portugal, it is a private consultancy and training organization, operating also as a Hosting and Intermediary Organization in the field of European Mobility Programmes.
Wisamar is based in Germany, it is an accredited, non-profit education provider, acting in further education and training, integration, project management and EU Mobility.
Connectief is an intermediate organisation supporting actions leading to a smooth flow of pupils or course participants in labor market-oriented training to the labor market. Connectief facilitates this crucial step from training to work through projects.
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